Tales from the Tabletop: Dragon’s Hoard

Tales from the Tabletop — Weekly Caption Contest!

Winner snags an AAWsome prize from AAW Games. Win store credit, books, stickers, and more!

Comment below to post a single caption, you’ll need an AAW account anyway so we can send you prizes!

Good Luck! 🗡️


Tales from the Tabletop caption contest is posted every Friday at which point we will declare the precious week’s winner.

Last week’s winner was CharonGraves via the AAW Discord for this webcomic.
”If you are just going to be an Ass and take most of the loot, you may as well look the part and carry our shares too.”

2 thoughts on “Tales from the Tabletop: Dragon’s Hoard”

  1. I told you, the dragon hasn’t been seen in decades. I’m sure it’s dead or moved off by now.

  2. Can you believe it? We’ve finally reached the dragon’s hoard! I can’t believe it’s not here to stop us!

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