What is AAW Games & Adventureaweek.com?

Our website Adventureaweek.com was conceived in 2010 and has released new tabletop roleplaying game adventures to subscribers every week since 2012. AAW Games is committed to producing quality content and books, utilizing 100% recyclable materials whenever possible.

We crowdfund premium limited print books and games via Kickstarter, such as our best selling Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition. AAW Games was the first publisher to make GM, player, and VTT map packs standard with every digital adventure release and had the first product available on Roll20.

We look forward each year to Gen Con, the world’s largest TTRPG convention, where we celebrate AAW Games, our friends, fans, backers and supporters who help shape our future.

We are committed to manifesting new experiences and ongoing connections with others through selling books at our booth and running events in our game room. We believe in the potential of the creative spark, the excitement of discovery, and the strength of connection through community.

Visit the FAQ page to learn more about AAW’s subscription, product lines, and services.

Who is AAW Games?

Jonathan G. Nelson — Owner/Publisher, Author

Owner of AAW Games, Jonathan is an award-winning author, game designer, and publisher.

History includes being a drummer/songwriter in a professional touring rock band produced by Michael Barbiero with a video on MTV, a chef in local Seattle restaurants, and a father/step-father to four amazing kids.

Stephen Yeardley — Author, Game Designer

After years of encouraging people to get more out of life through selling them records, giving them financial advice, teaching them, and acting as a coach and mentor, Stephen now spends his time either helping folks rehabilitate rescued animals in new homes or providing GMs with thought-provoking adventures to challenge their players. A fan of Shakespeare, Sherlock, and Jah Shaka, Stephen was born and bred in London but now lives deep in the countryside and uses his home town as his playground. When not working, he runs a few miles each day, grows trees and reads as many science books as he can as his pastimes. When he writes, Stephen is a big fan of mimics, doppelgangers and transmutation spells – you have been warned!

Thilo Graf — Lead Designer, Editor-In-Chief

Thilo Graf (the “h” is silent) AKA Endzeitgeist is a polyglot roleplaying game nerd of the highest order with over 20 years of experience as GM and player in a wide variety of games ranging from very complex to super rules-lite. In addition to writing credits with companies like Paizo, AAW Games, Kobold Press, Necrotic Gnome, Everybody Games and many more, he has published over 5,000 rpg reviews. He is currently teaching at a university and is a voracious reader interested in a wide variety of fields.

Tommi Salama — Lead Cartographer

Tommi Salama refrained from writing a bio and adding a picture so I decided to do it for him. He isn’t one to “toot his own horn”, but that’s OK because I have plenty to say! Tommi has been making extremely high-quality, hand drawn digital maps for AAW Games for over seven years, including gorgeous 3x award-nominated isometric maps for the epic Snow White mega-adventure and setting. Tommi Salama now crafts all the maps for our digital map packs, Mini-Dungeons, and most of our exciting adventures. ~Jonathan

Mates Laurentiu — Lead Artist

Mates Laurentiu is a freelance Romanian artist from southeast Romania.

Mates, who goes by “Larry”, has been drawing and painting all his life. Larry has been doing character/creature design and book cover/ interior illustrations since 2001. You can find his work at www.avatarart.com

Roxanne Thompson — Layout Specialist

Roxanne has been doing layout design over half her life after her father brought home Pagemaker, Quark Xpress, and, later, Adobe InDesign. After getting into tabletop boardgames in 2014, she began looking for opportunities to meld both interests and began working for AAW in 2017, focusing primarily on the Mini-Dungeon line. Outside of layout, Roxanne enjoys playing music, video games, writing, and being the stay-at-home mom for four dogs and two cats. You can find her weekly, on Twitch.tv/QuiettGentleman, playing TTRPGs with her husband and friends on various shows.

Claire Stricklin — Author


Claire Stricklin is, in no particular order, a California native, planeswalker, Ithaca College grad, warrior poet, arts advocate, greyhound enthusiast, and Game Master. She’s penned a number of adventures for AAW Games set in the great trade city of Hordenheim, developed the monstrous continent of Trectoyri in The Veranthea Codex, and writes the Handbook of Heroes webcomic. She is currently a PhD student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which she has somehow tricked into letting her write a dissertation about TRPG podcasts.

Robert Adducci — RPG Designer, Author, marketing pro

Robert Adducci is freelance RPG designer and marketing professional. He has design credits under AAW Games as well as Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Ulisses North America, Schwalb Entertainment, Kobold Press, Alligator Alley Entertainment and Soldier Spy. He was a community manager for the D&D Adventurers League from 2014-2018. Robert is a die-hard Dark Sun fan and the founder of the Burnt World of Athas website (Athas.org). Robert was born and lives in the deserts of Athas, aka Phoenix, AZ.

Tim Hibbetts — Author, Artist, Cartographer


Tim started with role playing games shortly after the magma cooled, circa 1980. He stepped away in the early 90s while working away from earth, returning around 2010. He works on words and images, sometimes confusing the two. He confuses a lot of things… and people.

Joe Tuccillo — VTT (FoundrY) Specialist


Joe has been playing D&D and TTRPGs for nearly 30 years. He currently works on Foundry VTT content conversions for AAW and other publishers and has a YouTube Channel dedicated to 3rd-party content called GMToolbox. He lives in Arizona with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

Bill Buchalter — Author


Bill’s RPG career began like many, playing AD&D as a teenager in 1983. Forever the dungeon master, he quickly honed his craft of creating stories and worlds to challenge and entertain his friends. During the Living Forgotten Realms campaign in 4E, Bill wrote and DM’ed many adventures, until moving to 5E. Since joining AAW Games, he has written numerous Mini-Dungeons. These days Bill enjoys playing many different TTRPGs, including Pathfinder, SWADE, and 13th Age, just to name a few.

Júlio Rocha — Illustrator, Concept Artist

With the help of his four cats and one dog, Júlio loves creating works of dark fantasy and sci-fi.

Blair McMillan — VTT (Foundry) specialist

Blair was late to TTRPGs, always being interested but not getting a chance to play until an opportunity with a work group in 2017. Covid pushed his attention digitally and he quickly found himself making modules for Foundry VTT to help content creators make their content accessible. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife, kids, two dogs and two cats – it’s a busy household.

Jack Pittsford — Digital Artist & Sculptor

Jack is a digital artist, born and raised in San Diego, with a love for creatures and fantasy. When he’s not lost drawing on his tablet then he’s probably watching a movie, going out for a rainy hike, or making his cats chase a laser.

Hans Cummings — Editor & Voice Actor

Hans Cummings is a voice over artist, author, and editor who enjoys bringing fantasy worlds to life, playing tabletop and video games, and cooking. If you’d rather have a real photo, I can provide one, but that’s a pretty damn good likeness.

Lys Fulda — Public Relations

For 24 years Lys Fulda has helped others achieve their dreams connecting their work to the communities that love them. Propaganda specialist with weaponized pattern recognition as head goblin storyteller at Sphinx PR. Sphinx works with clients from all industries and mediums.

Rafael Tschope — Layout Artist & video editor

Rafael Tschope was roleplaying before even drawing his first breath, when his mother decided that he should be born as a Level 0 Human. The joke is on her, when he was born Level 0 Stranger. Fascinated with Venture Publisher at Level 10 Designer, he took this as a form of making a living, dual classing as a Video Maker. Now, at Level 43 Designer/Video Maker, he is happy to help his fellow adventurers at AAW Games and many other RPG Publishing Guilds in Brazil and whatever mysterious lands he is called to act within.

Neal Powell — Author & Podcaster

Neal’s TTRPG adventure commenced with the iconic 2nd edition of D&D, where he was initiated into the arcane mysteries by braving The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. It was the unveiling of the 3rd edition that heralded Neal’s ascendancy as a Dungeon Master. He then stepped into the realms of designing and podcasting, a leap that proved to be among the most exhilarating chapters of his odyssey. This new frontier brought with it an array of remarkable individuals and unforgettable experiences, marking the b eginnings of an extraordinary tale. Neal continues to forge his legacy in the enchanted world of ttrpgs, where every turn is a new story waiting to be told!

Kim Van Deun — Illustrator

Kim AKA sketch_ferret has been an illustrator for fantasy worlds since 2015, ditching a comfy life with a secure job for the wild world of freelancing. Kim has made artwork for card games, board games, and covers & interior art for many popular TTRPG books and modules. https://www.eyesintheforest.com/

Fredrik Eriksson — Illustrator & COmic Artist

Fredrik Eriksson is an Art teacher and freelance artist working in Sweden. His huge passion is painting fantasy and horror illustrations. 
You can find his work at https://artoffredrik.artstation.com

Tony Ohrazda — Author

AAW Games has recently unleashed Tony, a long-time player and Game Master, upon the Mini-Dungeon community. Experiences in mountain rescue, emergency response, and disease prevention may occasionally bleed through (ahem…) to his work. Other influences include an active lifestyle, love of nature, furry creatures, and the arts. Stay tuned.

Garrett White — Author

Garrett has had a love for fantasy for as long as he can remember. From running through the woods fighting invisible orcs with a stick to the dragons he would conjure to entertain him in school he has always let his imagination lead him. When he found TTRPGs he knew it was something he could pour everything he had into and share with others. The first thought he has when starting to write is “Oh gosh what am I doing, what if they figure out I am just pretending to be competent?” usually followed by “Well, how can I make this as fun as possible?”. He published his first work Mini-Dungeon: Of Crystal and Bone with AAW and never wants to look back.

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