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Tales from the Tabletop: Halfling Haul-Ass!

Tales from the Tabletop — Weekly Caption Contest!

Winner snags an AAWsome prize from AAW Games. Win store credit, books, stickers, and more!

Comment below to post a single caption, you’ll need an AAW account anyway so we can send you prizes!

Good Luck! 🗡️

Tales from the Tabletop caption contest is posted every Friday at which point we will declare the precious week’s winner.

Last week’s winner gets either a hardcover book from AAW Games (if in the U$A) or $tore Credit for AAW Games shop! And the winner is…

You’re the Yin to my Yang. This could only be made better with bananas.


4 thoughts on “Tales from the Tabletop: Halfling Haul-Ass!

  1. “I *told* you not to piss off the transmutation wizards! You wanted the curse lifted, but you just *had* to get into the library and wreak havoc…again.”

  2. “I told you I’d make an ass out of you!”

  3. There you go! Now we can really haul ass and make up for lost time.

  4. Oh, let me help you with your heavy load!

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