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War for Old Grekia: K’Tarik Sanctuary

A Chonian settlement in the contested foothills of Baevonia, K’Tarik is a sacred place, not only for the nearby cold mountain spring, but there is also a Grekian temple here. The locals are less welcoming of travelers to K’Tarik than elsewhere in Chonia, owing to the regular incursions from Baevonian war parties.

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Alin’s Almanac: King’s Crown

alin's almanac #1

Bright yellow petals framing a “king’s crown” are how this flower came to be known in Aventyr. Now domesticated and frequently grown in gardens in the villages and towns across the countryside, children are frequently found abusing this flower for its power of control over boring old grownups.

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War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja


A likely place to seek shelter from dust storms common in the foothills of the Savathar Mountains, Wo’Mataja was once a Chonian settlement, now in ruins, that west-bound travelers on the Lymph Road could stumble across instead of arriving at Isav’s Gate. Only if they take the time to explore the ruins can anyone learn why Wo’Mataja is no more. Continue reading War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja

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Disputed Territories: Old Grekia


From the Savathar Mountains in the north through the K’naghi Savanah and south to the Scorched Lands is a vast swath of dry hills, arid mountains, and rolling grasslands peopled by an equally wide variety of cultures. Cartographers love borders, and these many and varied places are routinely grouped into one colossal region known as the Disputed Territories. Much of this region’s history is bound to eternal competition for resources, particularly water. Nowhere is this history more apparent than at Lake Chonia, just north of the Baevonia Mountains, in a region scholars know as Old Grekia. Continue reading Disputed Territories: Old Grekia