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Disputed Territories: Old Grekia


From the Savathar Mountains in the north through the K’naghi Savanah and south to the Scorched Lands is a vast swath of dry hills, arid mountains, and rolling grasslands peopled by an equally wide variety of cultures. Cartographers love borders, and these many and varied places are routinely grouped into one colossal region known as the Disputed Territories. Much of this region’s history is bound to eternal competition for resources, particularly water. Nowhere is this history more apparent than at Lake Chonia, just north of the Baevonia Mountains, in a region scholars know as Old Grekia. Continue reading Disputed Territories: Old Grekia

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Mini-Blurb: Empty Maps, Imaginary Props, & Spidery Aesthetics

Mini-Dungeon Design

There are two primary sources that I draw upon when designing Mini-Dungeons. The first is the concept of the “The 5 Room Dungeon.” The good folks over at Nerds on Earth have a pretty good summary, and it’s one I keep in my back pocket whenever it comes time to sit down and bang out another example of the genre. Sing along with me if you know the words: Continue reading Mini-Blurb: Empty Maps, Imaginary Props, & Spidery Aesthetics

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Shipboard Adventures

Adventuring at sea can be simple or more complicated, depending on what you enjoy in your game. If you want to move the party easily from one area to another, you can have a professional crew in a stalwart vessel do the heavy lifting. You can also hire that cantankerous, one-eyed salt with the questionable dinghy to take them up river, all with a little narrative flair, but with little interaction with the environment. Or you can make things riskier by rolling some dice and letting fate take a hand at the tiller.

The current rules in 5e are very light on what happens on and in the water. Below are some optional rules that shouldn’t add too much complexity while still imparting more interest from being surrounded or submerged in water. Continue reading Shipboard Adventures