Jonathan G. Nelson, Thilo Graf

Applied & Aggregate Spelunking

Softcover, PDF, Foundry VTT
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Explore the Frontier of the Underworld!

Rotu, settlement atop the stalactite, beacon of hope for the weary and downtrodden, is a community unlike any other, a place where all Underworld races have come together to survive during desperate times.

Situated at the frontier of the Underworld, the very edge of civilization, the region around Rotu is mostly unexplored and holds both wonders and horrors the likes of which no one has ever seen or encountered.

Will your group survive long enough to help and perhaps settle in Rotu, or will they perish in the dark depths of the Underworld?

Applied & Aggregate Spelunking is an Underworld adventure teaching the rules presented in Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking.

64 pages, full color


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The Unified Races of Rotu Need Your Help! 

Applied & Aggregate Spelunking is a companion book to Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking, a tome filled with new tools, tables, and rules for exploring the Underworld. While some people learn by reading and absorbing, others learn by doing. This book was created to help GMs and players who are new to the rules presented in Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking, learn how to use, apply, and modify those rules, significantly increasing the ways you can use the Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking.

This book contains a new Underworld setting: Rotu, the settlement atop the stalactite, beacon of hope for the weary and downtrodden, building upon the lore of the critically acclaimed Rise of the Drow. Rotu is a community unlike any other, a place where all Underworld races have come together, not out of choice but rather to simply survive during desperate times.

  • Learn how to use new rules from Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking by DOING!
  • Rotu, a new settlement and expansion of Rise of the Drow
  • Meet unique personalities, all inspired by Underworld Races & Classes 
  • Harvest dangerous cobra corals
  • Learn to forage and hunt within the deep wilderness
  • Mine like a proper dwarf
  • Face horrifying and inscrutable foes, as you unearth the fate of a doomed mining operation
  • Explore a spore-choked fungal jungle
  • Rest your weary feet at a black, subterranean shore among gigantic seashells
  • Encounter one of the apex-level horrors of the realms below

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PDF, Softcover+PDF, Foundry VTT

13 reviews for Applied & Aggregate Spelunking

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  1. I still haven’t received it yet. It has been more than a month already. I was never told there would be a delay or anything of the sort. I ordered 12/23 and it’s 1/27 and I’m still waiting 😕
    Wish I would have been informed how long it would take to receive.

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  2. great book and excellent service

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  4. A good way to interactively learn a bunch of new mechanics.

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