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Subscribe for $10 a month and we give you $10 store credit back every month to spend on any AAW Games products you want including hardcovers, PDFs, Fantasy Grounds, and more.

In addition, subscribers obtain 10% off all purchases not just once but ongoing!

As a subscriber, you also get access to our library of PDFs in online flipbook format whenever you need them. We’ve already introduced our 5E collection with the other game systems coming soon!

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38 reviews for Adventurer Subscription

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  1. Combined with other items I’ve purchased, this subscription gives me the opportunity to download several maps and dungeons that I can use for Friday night gaming plus gives me the option to purchase more tomes and books at a cheaper price than any other website I’ve come across. Definitely worth the money.

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  2. AAW Games always does right by their customers. Their staff is friendly, their content is excellent, and they offer so much value for what is bought. I highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

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  3. Everything has gone well. Getting the money back to apply to a product is awesome too. I also purchased the Rise of the Drow Collector’s book. This book is big and is packed with information, beautiful art work, quality print and a good feel to it. This book is every bit worth the money.

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  4. A great deal, and since I want to see them continue to do what they do, I am happy to support the cause!

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  5. It was easy to subscribe and the subscription offers amazing benefits. I love the 10% discount and there are a ton of free items offered (many of them sent as email reminders that I can partake in the 100% discount). These mini dungeon/modules and even maps are great pdfs that allow me to plan as a dm and create as a player. In addition, the free access to many products (as long as you’re online and just as read-only) is an outstanding feature that I wish other companies would offer. I can review items and decide if they are the right item to buy. I haven’t even got to the $10 a month store credit; how are you guys making any money? I fell almost like I should be paying you all much more for these services. You all are the best.

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