Douglas Niles, Stephen Yeardley, Thilo Graf

Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking

PDF, Hardcover, Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds

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Explore the Underworld with New York Times Best-Selling author Douglas Niles. New tools, tables, and rules for 5E.


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The Definitive Guide to Underworld Survival! 

This tome contains the collected wisdom of legendary dwarven delver Dugmore Dumple. Dugmore takes you through crystalline caverns, fungal jungles and maze-like passages of his home beneath the surface, even skirting the upper regions of Hel itself. 

Survival in the Underworld is no mean feat, but this massive tome contains all you need to exist and endure, nay, prosper in and profit from the lightless realms below. Dugmore’s sage advice, carefully balanced by seasoned traveler and guide Fin Starling, provides all the tools you require to enhance your experience while exploring the fabled caverns and tunnels below the surface.   

This book includes an array of modular tools and rules to customize your games. 

  • A comprehensive taxonomy of cave types 
  • Expanded climbing tools and rules  Advice for designing, mapping, and running 3-D environments 
  • Modular rules for momentum and chases 
  • Rules for mining minerals and exotic ores 
  • Streamlined rules for tracking supplies  
  • Foraging and hunting rules  
  • Detailed segmented spellcasting and combat maneuvers 
  • Rules to make tactical combat puzzles 
  • Highly modular hazard generators 
  • Comprehensive notes on light and darkness 
  • A breath-engine for exploration of flooded caverns or spore-choked jungles 
  • Rules for hypothermia, hyperthermia, and more exotic afflictions like Shroomitis 
  • The lethal hazards of elemental border regions 
  • A glimpse at the lightless abyss and the upper regions of Hel 

Plus, all the tables and tools you need to run an underground exploration campaign. 

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PDF, Hardcover+PDF, Limited Edition+PDF, Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds

35 reviews for Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking

4.9 Rating
1-5 of 35 reviews
  1. The best D&D content publisher and support I have found.

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  2. Really impressed by the quality of the book itself, the textured cover is great. The material will help add good flavor to my campaign.

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  3. I purchased this for use on Fantasy Grounds. I’ve been getting ready to run Rise of the Drow, and this book provides a great resource to make adventures more interesting for the DM and the players. I really like the information about resource collection and the changes in atmosphere as the party delves deeper into the underdark.

    In addition to Rise of the Drow, I’ve been running some early modules that I’ve converted for 5E (H1-H4 – Bloodstone). The Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking has provided a wealth of tables to provide environmental challenges to a scenario that my players have really liked.

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  4. I backed this as soon as I saw it. I still have my Dungeoneers Survival Guide from back in the day, so i had high hopes for he completed product.

    I have not been disappointed! It’s packed with good useful information on the Underdark, tips for travel, hunting/foraging, dangers (physical, metal & metaphysical). Many tables to help with world creation & game play.

    Well worth the money!

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  5. This is a great supplement, beautifully bound and well-organized. Full of info on deep-underground environments, lots of adventure hooks and random-circumstance tables.

    AAW Games customer service is great too. The USPS damaged my book in transit and I got a replacement right away.

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