Rultmoork final days on Kickstarter

We are in the final days of our Rultmoork Kickstarter.

Rultmoork is a dnd adventure epic about duality, from past/present to above/below, and even a new 5e mechanic flow/stagnation with two modes for monsters and magic items.

This adventure was created by Jonathan G. Nelson (Rise of the Drow) and refined by Thilo Graf AKA Endzeitgeist over the past three years.

About Rultmoork

Explore wasteland ruins and uncover mysterious clues to the past in this adventure for 4-6 characters starting at levels 5-7 and concluding at levels 8-11.

The adventurers investigate a solitary spire of stone in the barren mountain wastelands. According to legend, water once sprung forth from this spire, blessing the land with life.

Now, the land is dry, the ancient site in ruins, and a wondrous waterclock is stagnant. This stagnation infuses all beings, from the strange cultists on the surface to the former elemental guardians.

It is up to the adventurers to defeat the ancient evils within Rultmoork, restore the waterclock, and bring life back to the land.

What do I get in Rultmoork?

  •  Rultmoork marks Jonathan G. Nelson’s return to adventure writing after his critically acclaimed success Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition.
  •  Playstyles for all player types such as roleplaying, ruin exploration, investigation, riddle and puzzle solving, extreme combat, and dungeon delving
  •  Wasteland Archaeology: Explore ancient ruins, marvel at murals, decipher a lost language, and piece together clues (some of which are magic items!)
  •  Visions of the Past: Travel through time and become priests living 1,000 years in the past to conduct a roleplaying-rich murder investigation
  •  New 5e Mechanic: Flow / Stagnation modes! The characters can change magic items, monsters, and even the dungeon itself by using this Rultmoork exclusive mechanic.
  •  Hardcore Mode: If your group seems to be having too easy of a time, simply increase the difficulty to hardcore mode and watch your players squirm.
  •  Brutal, unique monsters that require both brains & brawn to defeat.
  •  Three nightmarish bosses to challenge even the most experienced groups .
  •  Logical environments reward players for paying attention and engaging with the wonders of Rultmoork.
  •  At a Glance sections summarize everything you need, so you’re never left searching through the text for a DC or vital information.
  •  Player Handouts: Show what the heroes see, rather than just describing it.
  •  New Language: Grekian! Riddles and clues appear in a runic language players must decipher using the lexeme amulet (via a handout wheel) or by devising their own cipher.

Extras (add ons)

Moving Maps: Dynamic Dungeon provides detailed moving battle maps for all of the locations contained herein.
Custom Soundtrack: Sonor Village has refined a detailed soundtrack with music and ambiance with unique  10 minutes tracks, 2 for every location and 1 per boss in the book. Total 3.5 hours of music & ambiance!


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