Jonathan G. Nelson, Stephen Yeardley

Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition

PDF, Hardcover
(86 customer reviews)


Tonight, a ceremony of light is taking place on the surface.
Meanwhile, a world away in the city of spiders, a drow matron solidifies a pact with soul-consuming entities who require great sacrifices in trade for unimaginable power. Drow eyes turn to the surface.
This book contains a mega-adventure and setting, taking characters across the surface and into the depths of the world. Adventurers will meet unique denizens, battle horrors of the Underworld, explore epic locations, and fight to stop the rise of the drow.

DnD Drow 5E Underdark Adventure & Setting

  • 544 pages
  • Underworld Adventure & Setting
  • Levels 1-15 (16-20 with exploration)
  • Award nominated
  • 5-stars!
  • Soft touch cover
  • Foil on cover & spine
  • Purple sewn head/tail bands
  • Purple metallic endpapers
  • Two ribbon bookmarks, silver & purple
  • Highest quality ink & paper
  • Limited print, collector’s edition


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Nearly a decade in the making, Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition is the most extensive and detailed underground adventure & setting book ever published.

Adventures to be Conquered.

  • The Darkness Arrives
  • The Darkest Dawn
  • The Darkness Revealed
  • Descent Into the Underworld
  • The Scourge of Embla
  • Usurper of Souls
  • Commander of Malice

Cities to Explore.

  • Rybalka, Heart of the Frontier
  • Stoneholme, City of the Ancestors
  • Embla, City of Lights
  • Holoth, City of Spiders
  • House Gullion and all the drow houses of Holoth

Unique Locales to Discover.

  • Underworld Settlements
  • Forlorn
  • The Fungi Forest
  • Glorious Graveyard
  • Gor’Hashad
  • Graniteshellholme
  • Jorumgard
  • Lake Vaihtualohikaarme
  • Lake Xlekellum
  • The Ossuary Collaborative
  • Petrous Lair
  • Purple Worm Nursery
  • The Seekers of Wasting
  • The Small Bleak Void
  • The Sundered Tower
  • Survey Expedition XL-17B
  • The Demiplane of Venom
  • Vethin’s Hold
  • Tahiti’s Saturnalia

Underdark Accoutrements for your Campaign.

  • Underdark Spells & Domains
  • Underdark Bestiary
  • Underdark Rules & Expansion

Expand your Drow Campaign

Purchase the Underworld Encounter Deck, Rise of the Drow: Pawn Set, or the Digital Map & Token Pack.

Take your game even deeper!

Create an in depth and expansive Underdark campaign suitable for your group. The following books are recommended, but not required for play with Rise of the Drow: Underworld Races & Classes,Occult Secrets of the Underworld, Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking.


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86 reviews for Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition

  1. John

    What a great beautiful book! The adventure is well written, with 600 pages to explore and read. This book also contains a monster codex for creatures to be used, as well as a magic items list. I would say behind the Drow of the underdark 3.5 this is a must have for any Dungeon master wanting to create a story with Drow.

  2. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Thank you for your review. We’ve added it to our featured reviews on the main page of the site!

  3. Claude Tourigny (verified owner)

    Great book, look so lovely!

  4. Michael S. (verified owner)

  5. Dennis Carroll

    This is literally one of the most beautiful and well-thought out books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading through, amazing job! I can’t recommend it enough. The organization is great and it’s really to be extremely helpful to DMs (I will never say no to being helped in my session prep). Knocked it out of the park, AAW team, bravo.

  6. Veinitti Nayr

    A human under my supervision had ‘kickstarted’ (whatever that means) a tome of words and images titled ‘Rise of the Drow’. Naturally I confiscated it, making sure none of my plans were revealed within it’s covers. Fortunately for the survival of my pet, it did not. There was, however, a lot of information on another house from a distant city. It’s rude to peak through someones personal business, but I can’t help it that they couldn’t conceal their secrets from being published, so I read on.

    I’ve heard through the spiders web that this is a ‘beautiful’ book. Maybe if you’re a gross wizard you may think books can be attractive. I admit, the cover is lavish. I don’t recognize the model on the cover, they should have used me instead, I would have no problems leading my fellow drow to rise. I digress, it is ones insides that truly matter. The pictures and colours within do make for a wonderful delight that entertains the eyes. Makes me almost wish that my darkvision could pick up pigments, but my sight’s already way to superior as it is. No matter, I can use my dancing lights to fully appreciate the pretty pictures.

    The one who scribed this tome must’ve had some training in the school of divination. There’s a series of events in place at the beginning of the book in what’s called an ‘adventure’. More like a nuisance in the side of this particular group of drow. Being exclude from being on the cover I feel that these drow deserve whatever is thrown there way by the hands of their lessers. I trust that their house is strong enough to survive, and if they don’t, well it’s their obligation to suffer the Queen of Spiders disappointment. However House Gullion should be well prepared for the coming infiltration and attack. You see, the wizards that had a hand in writing ‘Rise of the Drow’ also predicted consequences that may occur based on the choices of the so-called ‘adventurers’.

    There’s also a generous section containing information on the surrounding lands and peoples. The details are quite extensive. If I wanted to, I could dream up different scenarios that could occur, and completely ignore the first part of the book. The diviners placed other situations (side-quest I believe you call them) that may happen in this section as well. I would almost commend them for their thoroughness of delivering possible encounters. There are backgrounds of many different non-drow included, from the surface and underworld. If it is only drow that you’re interested in (as you should be, we are fabulous) then you should be pleased with the profiles on the members of House Gullion. They are in-depth, and something I will use. It doesn’t hurt to know the information of potential rivals.

    The last part includes a bestiary. Upon first glance I nearly concluded that I wouldn’t be surprised by its contents. I’m from the darkness underneath after all, and we’re use to creatures you would find exotic, but there were many surface things I was unfamiliar with. Including creatures like a ‘Tyrannosaurus Imperator’, and something called a ‘Human Noble’ (oxymorons like that bring a smile to these ravishing lips).

    I believe humans of this realm will find the events within the ‘Rise of the Drow’ to be an excellent source for their games of the 5th edition role-playing game, even if I don’t grace the front cover. Come to think of it, why isn’t there a book in your realm in which you can ‘role-play’ as my kind as we fulfill our charitable destiny to change the worlds to match our superior creed? It would help you understand the hardships and complications we deal with regularly. Maybe you’d appreciate us more and not resist our plans to hang the worlds within the web of the Goddess after walking in our fine boots. Besides, it feels good to be bad.

    On a side note, I was intrigued to discover that the publishers of the this book, AAW games, has something called an ‘online’ community. It’s found on something called a ‘world wide web’. Maybe my Goddess had a hand in weaving it? Anyways it appears to be very active with intelligent loyalist to drowkind… and others. I’d keep an eye on this.

    Now darlings, please be my guest and purchase ‘Rise of the Drow’, for when we rise it will be the last choice you’ll freely make.

    A kiss goodbye my sweet things…

  7. Jamie McRoberts

    I heard a lot about Rise of the Drow over the years of playing Pathfinder. I missed the initial releases and the subsequent Pathfinder compilation, so I was thrilled to join the Kickstarter for the Rise of the Drow Collector’s Edition. I went in whole-hog for the BIG book, pdfs, dice, maps and even the Underworld Encounters Deck! To date, I have been very pleased with the end result, as the maps, dice, and pawns are really nice and are of top notch quality. The same could be said for the overall adventure, Rise of the Drow. The original adventure was presented at level six, but the story was later expanded to include a level one introduction. It is worth saying that this adventure probably works best for starting at level three, as the introduction can be quite taxing, to even the most veteran of players. This is a good thing, mind you, as this adventure starts in a way that feels unique and gets the players characters involved on the action from the getgo!

    The adventure book is almost 600 pages long and covers a complete bestiary of creatures used in the adventure as well as setting and campaign information about Rybalka and the various nearby dwarven and drow cities, respectively. I’m reading through the adventure and it looks to hit all of the buttons of epic fantasy for those that enjoy such things. As an old school player with a lot of experience dealing with the nefarious drow of old, I jumped at the chance to bring a proper drow invasion into the Pathfinder era. Over the course of this campaign, the experience should run the gamut of what makes long running campaigns great!

    I noticed a few minor errors here and there, but nothing major. The pdf is bookmarked for easy reference and the entire book has sidebars throughout. There are constant timelines and reminders alongside page numbers for the creatures or items in each encounter. Honestly, the way this is organized makes it superior to formatting used by Paizo, Kobold Press, and Frog God Games.

    I’m still waiting for my final BIG book from the Kickstarter, but I feel, based on the sheer depth of material available to mine for this campaign alongside the way my players are reacting to the game, that this will be considered a classic drow saga not only by our little gaming table, but by many more tables to come! Rise of the Drow is as good as fantasy roleplaying adventures get.

    Buy it, today!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The book is fantastic and did notice the changes and differences from 2013 version HC PF Rise of the Drow. Keep up with the solid work. Thank you.

  9. Georgic M. (verified owner)


  10. Georgic M. (verified owner)

    Amazing book a must have!

  11. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Hi Jamie!
    Thank you for the lengthy review. I appreciate you taking the time to delve into detail regarding your purchase of this massive tome. I hope by now that you’ve received the beautiful hardcover and are pleased with it.
    If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via the link at the top of the page, day or night.
    Happy Gaming!

  12. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    You are a true follower of the Spider Goddess and will be blessed accordingly. Reach out to me for a special gift from the Underworld.

  13. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Thank you for your kind words. We’re so glad that you love the book!

  14. Nicholas Stanosheck (verified owner)

    Looks good, lots of content.

  15. Endzeitgeist

    Full Disclaimer: I actually worked on this, and had to give a rating here to post this. That being said, I do firmly believe this campaign to be 5-stars-material.

    For the detailed discussion of this tome, go here:

    Endzeitgeist out.

  16. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    I just received this in the mail. The book arrived without any damage which is a big deal to me when ordering a collector’s edition. I cracked it opened and was greeted with a spectacular looking book. Great artwork and layout, nice thick paper stock, and a solid robust book. I started reading through the adventure and it looks solid. I found some typos and font inconsistencies that were a little off putting, but it doesn’t distract too much from the overall product. My rating for this is, a triumph! Well done, lots of love and energy poured into this.

  17. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Thank you for the kind words! Mission accomplished! 😀

  18. mccicili

    Got it as a Christmas present. Absolutely love it. I can’t wait to run the campaign.

  19. theconservative1 (verified owner)

    Wow. This book is awesome. Many of the accessories that can be purchased along with it are equally awesome. This book takes a deep dive into the world created and leaves me wanting to keep reading. My biggest issue with adventures and campaigns is that they seem to be written in a way that anyone can throw together some characters and complete it. This one not so much. As I read through the encounters I find myself wondering, “When are my players going to rest?” One of my pet peeves as a DM is watching players blow their resource wad on smaller fights expecting to rest whenever they run out. As I player I often find myself thinking, “When will this really get challenging?” Rise of the Drow takes your players through the adventure at a break neck pace. At first I was thinking that there was just too many potions and scrolls laying around but I soon realized that it made sense to have the resources where they were and it allowed the PC’s to push forward without crying for a short rest. You’re defending a town being attacked and destroyed, town folk are being killed and taken captive, THERE’S NO TIME TO REST! YOU’RE HEROES! I love the fast pace and the fact that there’s always someone chasing or pushing your forward and plenty of distractions in front of you to never quite be able to catch up. The need to hurry for this campaign is built in well. The random encounters that are also available aren’t always just a random mob to kill. Sometimes, it’s just something or someone interesting you run across. And sometimes they need something and can trade information for it. The depth and detail for many of the accessories are incredible. Reading through the poisons one might encounter in the underworld along with costs and how they are often used is just another cool dimension of the world. I read it took almost 10 years to produce this and it shows. The details are there. I also love that some of the other materials written for this world could offer an alternate beginning to the campaign. I may run the Stoneholme adventures as a primer just to introduce my players to the world and then roll of new characters for the extended RotD campaign for a better understanding of what to expect. Well done my friends, well done!

    As a side note. The first book I got had some issues with warping. I imagine this can be expected when producing a large volume of books. I emailed some pics and some concerns and a new book was shipped right out. Super great product and great customer service to go with it!

    This book is phenomenal. The colors and quality of the pages and images within are breathtaking. Glad I got the PDF so I don’t have to put the main book to extended use because it’s going to find a prime spot on one of my shelves!

  20. jay_m315 (verified owner)

    Had a small issue with the book, creators reached out quickly and made it right. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Blown away. New favorite.

  23. Thibaut Palmans (verified owner)

    I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. Before I decided to buy, I had a few questions in mind. Jonathan helped me and everything went perfectly. I have rarely seen a customer service department so responsive and concerned about satisfying their customers or potential customers.
    Congratulations to AAW games. I won’t hesitate to order more products via their site.

  24. Richard Grunberg (verified owner)

  25. Erin Simmons (verified owner)

  26. Joseph Tuccillo (verified owner)

    What an amazing book! The quality of the book from the cover, to the pages, to the art, to the content, is all outstanding! Be ready though, its BIG! It includes and adventure, location settings, and a huge bestiary as well as some new spells and magic items. Over 500 pages! Get a copy while you can cause this thing is fantastic and once its gone you know its going to get expensive on the auction pages. You will be glad you have a copy on your shelf!

  27. Richard Bartlett (verified owner)

    Aaw games an awesome company with awesome products.

  28. Matthew C. (verified owner)

  29. James Parsons (verified owner)

    My favorite bad guys are the Drow, so this is amazing.

  30. Dazie T. (verified owner)

    This book is absolutely stunning, and thick too! I have the second printing and didn’t know what to fully expect until I opened it up and took a look. This book is jam-packed with information, and from what I’ve read of the campaign so far, very interesting. I would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in a variety sources, either to play through a new campaign or spice up their own.

  31. Zachary Kosanovich (verified owner)

    I’m just starting to get into looking at it. But the drow are my favorite race, so super excited

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. christopher streissguth (verified owner)

  34. Boegart Bibby (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous, WotC could learn a thing or two. Love having 2 tassles and index marks on the side.

  35. Daniel Cowdery (verified owner)

    Amazing, awesome story and write-ups. Love the stat blocks.

  36. Louis-Philippe Leger (verified owner)

  37. Richard Johnson (verified owner)

  38. Kelly C. (verified owner)

  39. David Niehaus (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this Tome…

  40. Thomas Macinnis (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery, huge book, I was concerned with the price but after delivery it was well worth the money spent. The book is massive, lots of information. As a fan of the original menzoberanzan campaign this book allows me to expand the underdark with its exhaustive amount of info. A must for any dm running an underdark campaign. Very satisfied.

  41. Jon

    Which edition of PF is this adventure for? I am assuming 1st edition but wanted to double check.

  42. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Pathfinder 1st edition, but this particular product page is for the D&D 5E version of Rise of the Drow.
    For the PF1e version, you’d want to go here:

  43. Cory (verified owner)

    Loved this book superbly done. A must for any avid dnd player.

  44. Bruce Wolf (verified owner)

    Nice adventure chain, especially the sealed Dwarven city legend

  45. Francisco (verified owner)

    A gorgeous book! I’m looking forward to running this adventure for my friends. It arrived quickly too, which was an added bonus. 😁

  46. Paul Wheeler (verified owner)

  47. Paul Wheeler (verified owner)

    Rise of the Drow collectors edition is easily one of the best written books for 5e. 500+ pages, beautiful artwork, the feel of the gloss pages is extremely nice. Perfect book! If I could give more stars I would, so I suppose 5 star will suffice! 😉

  48. Phil (verified owner)

    Great book, super fast delivery

  49. Mike V. (verified owner)

    Beautiful book with a huge adventure.

  50. Sandu B. (verified owner)

    A very smooth ordering experience. Shipping was faster than expected and packed very well. A quality book that I’m still coming to grips with the sheer amount of information in there. I’ve also purchased the FG VTT version and look forward to running it with my group.

  51. John T. (verified owner)

  52. Sean (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Great resource.

  53. James W. (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful book and it was packed lovingly and promptly shipped. They also supplieda PDF of the book which is great! Looking forward to buying more of their products.

  54. Crystal A Watry (verified owner)

    Prompt, fast and great material

  55. Todd D. (verified owner)

    Very high quality book- context as well as materials used.

  56. Meagan Cross (verified owner)

    AMAZING book!

  57. James Boyle (verified owner)

  58. Jason Herrick (verified owner)

    The book looks great. Can’t wait to read through it and start a campaign.

  59. Richard C. (verified owner)

    The checkout process was quick and easy. Shipping was super fast and the book is beautiful! I can’t wait to read it through!

  60. Wayne Pfeffer (verified owner)

  61. Matthew W. (verified owner)

    Great Quality and came in really fast! I enjoy all things Drow and I am not disappointed at all! Can’t wait to run this after I read it over a few times!

  62. Gary James (verified owner)

    I only have the pdf at this stage. For this reason, I’ve given a cautious rating of 4. It looks good, but I won’t look at it closely, until I have the hardcopy.

  63. Alvin (verified owner)

    Easy and seamless for the order

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The book is amazing and the package was wrapped in so much bubble wrap it made me smile. You guys are amazing!!

  65. Thomas D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and amazing story. Looking forward to using this for my players!

  66. May A. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, and so beautiful!

  67. Jesse S. (verified owner)

  68. rogersg527 (verified owner)

    The quality is top notch, the writing is great, the page usage is ideal, and the art is stunning. I am incredibly happy with this purchase and highly recommend for anyone seeking more underdark/drow material!

  69. RICKY FREEZE (verified owner)

    Great PDF Copy .. Anxiously awaiting the Hardcover Book

  70. Michael Johnson (verified owner)

  71. tristanrocha7 (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to play through this campaign!

  72. Chris M. (verified owner)

    Top corner of the book is smashed, all pages in the book are creased. Does not represent a “Collectors Edition”. Any collector (as I am) would not be stoked on this.

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

  74. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Oh no! That’s horrible to hear. Sometimes the postal service is VERY hard on books even when we pack them well. Chris, did you reach out to us via the contact link? We’d be happy to help get you a replacement ASAP, but we need some details on this and cannot perform this in a public forum. Please reach out to me at and include your order number. Thank you!

  75. Jose P. (verified owner)

  76. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Hi Chris,
    I posted a reply to your review and also sent you an email but I haven’t heard back. I’m more than happy to send a replacement copy, but I would like to speak with you first. Can you please reply to me so that we can help you? Please give us a chance to make this right. I want every single customer to feel 100% heard and taken care of.
    Thank you!
    Jonathan G. Nelson
    AAW Games

  77. Joseph Burns (verified owner)

  78. Eric Williamson (verified owner)

    The packaging delivery was excellent! Triple wrap bubble wrap insured the book came mostly undamaged (only a very minor ding in one corner which I can live with). Great job thinking of the customer that way with such a high-quality book we want arriving near flawless! Much appreciated. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with the book yet, but the initial inspection is that it is all I’ve hyped it to be in my mind. Looking forward to giving the book the thorough review it deserves. Thanks again! A repeat customer to be. 🙂

  79. James Scott (verified owner)

  80. Will Arnesen (verified owner)

    Arrived so fast and in perfect condition! What a wonderful tome. So glad I picked this up.

  81. Dan Dittmer (verified owner)

    So excited to add this to my collection! Visually dynamic! Packed full of goodies! You can tell a lot of time, dedication and effort have been put into this ! Buy it, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.

  82. Christopher Oneal (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible product

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

  84. Shane H. (verified owner)

    Placed my order and was shocked at how fast it was dispatched for delivery. The book was very well protected in shipping from AAW, and I am absolutely stunned at the quality of the Book. I will be looking for more products from them. Very good experience, and highly recommend as a source for physical products and the .pdf’s they offer.

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very well packaged, especially for a book. Would buy from again.

  86. Chris C. (verified owner)

    The book is everything I had hoped and more. Excellent product. Can’t wait to start the campaign with my players.

  87. Tyler (verified owner)

    The book looks phenomenal. Very high quality and just incredible overall. I can’t wait to run this with my friends!

  88. Eric (verified owner)

    One of the most beautiful TTRPG books I’ve ever owned.

  89. Michael (verified owner)

  90. Troye (verified owner)

  91. Weston (verified owner)

    Purchased item on sale for a great price

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased not 1, but two copies of this amazing book. It’s a fantastic, well-written adventure and the quality of the book itself is fantastic. If you’re a fan of the Drow, Dwarves, and the Underdark you’re missing out if you don’t buy this book.

  93. Thomas C. Salvitti (verified owner)

    This product is simply amazing. I have only just received it but with just 2 hours of going through it I’m compelled to let it be known to other TTRPG fans this book, Rise of the Drow, in all categories I care about for these type of books — Quality of the physical book, presentation, quality of the writing and the story and how its organized — this is product has hit all those marks of mine exceptionally well. I won’t be running this adventure for several months but I’m excited for when that time comes. Btw, I don’t write reviews and in my nearly 50 years – this is probably the fifth time I ever put 5 stars for ANYTHING I reviewed not just TTRPG books.

  94. Patrick Odell (verified owner)

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