AAW Games Announces Vinyl Battle Map Project with Monthly Releases

AAW Games announces Map of the Month, a new monthly service providing tabletop gaming enthusiasts with a brand new, vinyl battle map for use in any tabletop miniatures or roleplaying game.

These beautiful vinyl battle maps are being designed by award-winning mapmaker Tommi Salama, printed by Gale Force Nine™ (Dungeons & Dragons™, Star Trek™, Firefly™ game accessories), and published by AAW Games™. Each map has a unique location with a 20″ x 30″ grid of 1″ squares.

Owner/publisher Jonathan G. Nelson is hopeful about the Map of the Month service being popular and filling a need for those gamers who still want to play using traditional 3D miniatures and maps around the table with friends. With all the digital options, it is sometimes easy to forget that some people still want the tactile experience of play.

If all goes well, Jonathan says AAW Games will continue to produce new maps every month and send them out to an exclusive group of gaming enthusiasts.

If you’d like to learn more, you’d better hurry. AAW Games plans on these being collectible, limited-edition items with just 100 maps being produced each month.

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