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Three Strongholds of Baevonia Pass

Baevonia Pass

Baevonia Pass is a rocky northeast-southeasterly road with steep slopes and crags looming on both sides. There are three Baevonian strongholds that protect the pass from Chonians, orc hordes, and the dead from Valindar. Each of the strongholds charges a toll to pass; a tax is also imposed on all goods bought or sold within the confines of Baevonia. The fees are justified by the protection the strongholds and soldiers provide as well as the upkeep of the road itself and frequent patrols for orcs and monsters. 

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Old Grekia

The Three Strongholds 

Isav’s Gate. This gate and small stronghold were named after the renowned river Isav which once flowed with such great force, fish were said to leap into the hands of those who stood close to her shores. Nowadays, the river has completely dried up and Isav’s Gate is but a dusty trading post and stopover for travelers, traders, and refugees escaping the Chonian-Baevonian war. A toll is taken by Baevonian soldiers before one may gain entry. There is a small tavern with a common room to sleep in. A shrine to the Axiomatic General has been built in one of the guard’s barracks, all are welcome to pay their respects and leave an offering. Nearby rivers and streams provide Baevonia Pass with plenty of fresh water, though there’s little left once the occupants have had their fill, the trading companies barrel up the rest.
Typical inhabitants. LN Baevonian soldier, LE Baevonian Sergeant, NE nomadic trader, NG non-Chonian refugee 

  • Lost boy. One of the refugees begs the party for help. Her little boy, just 5 years old, has gone missing and she fears he wandered out of the settlement and into Chonian lands.  
  • Wandering monster. A monster has been marauding the area and people are disappearing but each time a contingent of Baevonian soldiers moves out to intercept, the monster is gone.  
  • Abnormally hot. The weather is getting unbearably and abnormally hot for this time of year and the trickle of water from Baevonia Pass is getting smaller with each passing day.  
The wilderness at Baevonia Pass
The wilderness at Baevonia Pass.

Baevonia. The pass is guarded by the Castle City, Baevonia. The walls of the castle span the crags and mountain peaks while the stronghold proper surrounds and protects the town which organically spawned up around it. The Stronghold at Baevonia Pass is home to army barracks, training grounds, siege equipment yards, mining operations, trading companies, taverns, festhalls, and slave yards. There is a sizable temple and altar to the Axiomatic General here, the largest and most lavish in all these lands.
Typical inhabitants. LN Baevonian soldier, LE Baevonian Captain, LE established trader, N human trader, NG Chonian slave, NE High Priest of the Axiomatic General, NE nomadic thief, LN dweorg dwarf miner 

  • Locust idol. High Priest Katorn of the Axiomatic General offers the party 500 gp to retrieve a small stone locust-like idol from Pinnacle Rock in the K’Naghi Savannah.  
  • Strange sounds. Brigadier Lentwolt holds the pass until the return of its skirmishing forces. He is worried by his soldier’s reports of strange noises and shadows in the corridors below the extensive wall systems. 
  • Broken equipment. Siege equipment has been damaged by an unknown vandal. While the guards follow their leads, the yard chief needs someone to help repair the equipment and will pay in the form of gold or an old treasure map. 
Manu Vig, Paladin of the Axiomatic General faces off against a horde of dead at the Gate of Bones.

Gate of Bones. Named after the onslaught of undead attacks from Valindar, this gate is the last of its kind before one enters the K’Naghi Desert & Savannah where the dead roam far and wide. Most passing through this gate are coming from the desert and looking for safety from the wandering dead or the unpredictable tribal warriors of K’Naghi. The rest are traders coming to make some coin at the pass, then they bravely venture out again, in search of opportunity. A stronghold built only as a gate and army barracks, this place is sparse and utilitarian but built to withstand a fairly intense assault from the southside. As of late, the captain on duty has been sent reinforcements in the form of criminals who are in the process of being reintegrated with society; needless to say, the captain, known as Heighbron, is less than pleased.
Typical inhabitants. LN Baevonian Captain, LE Baevonian Soldier, LN Baevonian Soldier, NE Baevonian Soldier (former criminal), CN Baevonian Soldier (former criminal), N human trader (passing through) 

  • The dead. Undead forces move in the night and attack the stronghold! There’s no way out and the party’s help is needed. Play the adventure Brush with Death at the Baevonian Stronghold 
  • Healing fountain. A shrine to Vasi provides an endless supply of clean, fresh water to the contingent stationed here and even has magical healing properties. There is a riddle etched into the stone in ancient Grekian.  
  • Falling morale. The soldiers need a good diversion to help their spirits after months (and even years) of facing combat with the dead. One soldier wants to plan something special and surprise the others, perhaps the party can help. 



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