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General Glatmoor and the Baevonian army have set up a large encampment about 30 miles north of Lake Chonia in preparation for a final assault on the Chonians. 

The Baevonian force is currently comprised of 500 human foot-soldiers, a cavalry of 100 humans riding Chonian horses, 20 high-ranking Horntusk orcs, 10 high-ranking Baevonian officials, and General Glatmoor. The general is known as “The Impounder” for his knack of rounding up and corralling Chonians, prepping them for slavery or scheduled execution. 

To make this victory possible, the Baevonians, their spy network, and allies have worked tirelessly and assured the following operations are underway. 

Baevonian Operations 

  • An alliance with the Horntusk Orc Tribe and a few of the lesser tribes, whose settlements are west of Baevonian Pass, in trade for the promise of lands and wealth once the Chonians have been cleansed from Aventyr. 
  • A large dam is being constructed with the help of the Horntusks and the powerful Klavekian witch, Nadia Tolsuanarr. With Nadia’s powerful magic, the dam will be completed within the week, thereby stopping the flow of fresh water at the Chonian settlement of K’Tarik 
  • Stopping the flow of water at K’Tarik should drive those Chonians down into the open at Lake Chonia or into the ruins of Keep Doom, in either location, the Baevonians plan to make fast work of them. 
  • The Ruins of Keep Doom have been occupied by the bulk of the remaining Chonian forces and an abnormally large ogre. The Klavekian witch, Nadia Tolsuanarr has assured the Baevonians she has plans in effect to slowly dismantle the morale of those forces from the inside out. In addition, the outside walls have been crumbling over the years and are full of holes that can be easily exploited. 
  • The Baevonians have spies planted at K’Tarik and Keep Doom who get messages out to the General at least once per week. The Chonians currently keep no secrets from the Baevonians. 

The Baevonian war camp is quite clean and organized, as these people pride themselves on law and order. The soldiers are incredibly obedient as most offenses in Baevonian society are punishable by public execution. While the soldiers are not especially happy about the presence of filthy, chaotic orcs in their midst, they do not disobey orders and thus give them a wide berth.  

Potential Camp Events 

  1. The orcs have been assigned 2 slaves apiece, which they are likely to abuse at some point. When this occurs, the adventurers might be nearby and able to help. Unfortunately, interfering with the orcs is prohibited by General Glatmoor and thus punishable by public execution. Hopefully, the characters have some friends in high (or low) places that can help them escape the camp under the cover of night, and flee into the scrub plains.
  2. The Klavekian witch, Nadia Tolsuanarr, makes an appearance at the camp. Everyone seems in awe of her and keep their distance. She seems to do as she pleases, visiting the general and other officials before paying a short visit to the orcs, then disappearing into the night. While she’s present, some soldiers mention rumors about the witch, all untrue but are likely to strike fear and dread into anyone’s heart. 
  3. The general orders a group of soldiers scout out the areas around Lake Chonia and report back regarding movements of bandits, creatures, Chonians, and any other threats in the area. He will pay the adventurers 30 gp each to accompany the group and may also offer support in the form of potions of healing. 
  4. A large force of pesky kobolds and kobold trapsmiths sneak around the camp at night, setting traps, and doing everything they can to harass the encampment. The kobolds live in the hills and detest the Baevonian’s presence as they are upsetting a regular trade route where the kobolds prey on merchants and travelers.  

Final Battle with the Chonians 

General Glatmoor will give orders to move the camp and begin an assault on the Chonians but only once the Chonians from K’Tarik have been flushed out from the mountains. There will either be two battles, one at Lake Chonia to crush the small force of 180 Chonians (mostly peasants, a handful of soldiers, priest, and retired veterans), or one massive battle (against the combined Chonian force of 126 soldiers and 112 peasants) at the Ruins of Keep Doom which is hidden against the mountainside (location up to GM).  

How to affect the outcome of events

Either way, the Baevonians are essentially guaranteed success unless someone (like the adventurers) decides to interfere in some way. 

Here are some ways the characters can interfere with Baevonian plans. 

  • Undermine the Horntusk/Baevonian alliance 
  • Interfere with the Klavekian witch (very dangerous! Likely deadly!) 
  • Travel into the mountains above K’Tarik to destroy the orc’s dam. The characters will face a lot of combat with groups of orcs and in dangerous locations where the orcs have traps and the advantage of home terrain.  
  • Warn the Chonians at Keep Doom and K’Tarik of the Baevonian plans (if they can glean this information from their visit to the camp).  
  • Find out about the Baevonian spies planted at both Chonian locations, perhaps passing off their name(s) to the Chonians 
  • Make an alliance with the kobolds living in the nearby hills, offering assistance in harrassing and undermining the Baevonian encampment.  
  • Giving the Baevonians false information about the current state and location of the Chonians. This only works if spies are compromised, otherwise the general will know the characters are lying and sentence them to death.  
  • Let the players get creative and come up with other ways to undermine the Baevonian’s efforts to slaughter the last of the Chonians.  


World Map: Locations Nearby


Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Cartographer Jared Blando

Artist Ryan Jack Allred


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