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Gate of Bones

This AvenytrĀ Adventures location is for characters of any level.

Located on the southwest side of theĀ BaevonianĀ Mountains, the Gate of Bones, sometimes known as ā€œthe Boneyardā€ is one of three gates holdingĀ BaevoniaĀ Pass. Securing the path up the mountain toĀ BaevoniaĀ Pass on one side and staving off the wilds of theĀ Kā€™naghiĀ Savannah and the roaming hordes of undead fromĀ ValindarĀ on the other, the Gate of Bones is the first line of defense intoĀ BaevoniaĀ and formerĀ Chonia.Ā Ā  Continue reading Gate of Bones