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Mini-Dungeons Bundle #046-050

Fantasy Grounds

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

This bundle contains five such adventures for use with Fantasy Grounds Classic or Fantasy Grounds Unity (line of sight included).

NOTE: These Mini-Dungeons are already included in the Mini-Dungeon Tome. Difference? These have been recoded and include LOS (line of sight).


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Gallery of Gears
Mini-Dungeon for 4 characters level 9
For more than eighty years, the foul summoner Vlexigorn the Tainted has travelled the lands of his birth, binding demons to complete foul deeds in his name. Corrupt in both physique and soul, bearing the corrupted bloodline of the Abyss, Vlexigorn enjoys nothing more than binding his own foul cousins to his will, in order to advance his own foul ambitions, and then destroying them once their use is at an end.

Stowaway on the Singing Sea
Mini-Dungeon for 5-8 characters levels 3-4
The adventurers have been hired by local authorities to sneak aboard the merchant ship, The Last Song. The vessel is owned by the Elloise Drake (suspected of also being the nefarious pirate, Lady Wavedancer). Law enforcement at the port city of Tangran’s Landing have managed to arrange for a “special piece of cargo” to be loaded upon the vessel for its upcoming voyage. Rather than the fine silks said to be in the shipment, the adventurers are smuggled aboard hidden inside.

Pit your Wits
Mini-Dungeon for 4-6 characters levels 1-2
The characters’ arrival at a small, well-established mining site, after a request to clear some “mutated goblins”, reveals an unexpected, disturbing sight. The mine’s main premises, a 40-ft. square stone building positioned over a 10-ft.-by-10-ft. shaft, is gone, save for dozens of pieces of rubble, a 30-ft. wide hole, and inky-black depths.

Doubt Not That Stars Are Fire
Mini-Dungeon for 4-6 characters levels 2-3
Following mutated goblin attacks on a small, well-established mining site, the characters find that only the pit remains. On securing the surrounding area, they must enter the steep-sided crater. They find the walls glowing with other-worldly energy, alight with “coldfire”.

When Goblins Die, No Comets Are Seen
Mini-Dungeon for 4-6 characters levels 3-4
After delving into the upper tunnels of a recently abandoned mine pursuing mutated goblins, the party follows some buckled minecart rails, finding rough tunnels and unexpected chambers at their end. A palpable sense of fear pervades the area.

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