Bring Back Life To The Land With Rultmoork

Rultmoork limited hardcover print edition is now available!

Four years in the making, Rultmoork is the new deluxe-adventure for dnd 5e by award winning writer Jonathan G. Nelson of Rise of the Drow fame!  Extensively playtested and created to provide versatile, nonlinear playing experiences, Rultmoork challenges roleplayers of all levels and more tactically inclined groups alike!
This is a limited edition, never to be reprinted. It is available as a stand-alone hardcover and as a lavish boxed set with covers by Seattle legend Nat Damm. The boxed set includes the hardcover, cardstock pawns, two sets of dice, tokens and a whole array of handouts. Rultmoork is a challenging monster of a module that requires both brains and brawn to survive. All print purchases include the PDF. 

Buy it now at AAW Games.

Jonathan Nelson explains “AAW Games fans want worlds they can sink their teeth into. Like any great world, you can explore it over and over again discovering something new about the game and yourselves.”

With a massive 3.5-hour original ambient soundtrack, a digital art & map pack, and full VTT support for Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, Roll20 and Shard, Rultmoork can be run the way you prefer.

About Rultmoork:

Deep in the Baevonian Mountains stands a monolithic spire of stone, peppered with ancient ruins, and mostly forgotten. The spire contains a temple complex rich in history and steeped in the mysteries of the past, untouched for a millennium, but it is not without its dangers, for ancient evil stagnates within. This is Rultmoork, where, according to legend, the very land died to the sound of a single falling tear.

Be the first to explore ruins sealed for over 1,000 years. 

Enter the spire looming over a wasteland and unearth the deadly secrets of an ancient people.

Engage in dungeon archaeology and explore a gigantic waterclock. 

Meet a cult of immortal hermits.

Alter the abilities of creatures you face.

Send your consciousness back through time. 

Face extremely deadly boss monsters.

Break the stranglehold of stagnation.

Bring Back Life to the Land.

About AAW Games:

Our website was conceived in 2010 and has released new tabletop roleplaying game adventures to subscribers every week since 2012. 

In addition to our weekly adventures, we crowdfund premium limited print books and games via Kickstarter such as our bestselling Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition.  

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