5E comes to the Library System, AAW Games & Hoopla Digital

AAW Games Best-Sellers now live at Hoopla.com 

Award-winning RPG publisher AAW Games has announced their bestselling RPG products including Rise of the Drow and Mini Dungeon Tome I & II are now live on the Hoopla Digital app for libraries.

AAW Games is proud to announce their top titles in ebook format are now available to most library systems via the Hoopla digital web and mobile apps in the United States, Australia/New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries.

AAW titles have been established as must-haves by game masters from around the world for the level of detail put into the quality and accessibility of each product. Color-coded indexes, bookmarks, online search engines for their Mini Dungeon Tomes, and more, mean that each adventure is easier to play for both game masters and players.

Jonathan G. Nelson, publisher of AAW Games says, “When I was a kid we didn’t have a lot of money, so the library was the only place I could go to be exposed to new books. I remember the first time I spotted a D&D book at my local library, it was the Manual of the Planes for AD&D 1st edition; the cover was gorgeous and scary at the same time with an astral dreadnought chasing a planar traveler. That experience and others, including being able to check out back-issues of Dragon and Dungeon Magazine, had a huge impact on me as a kid, as did Reading Rainbow and the library system in general.” 

Jonathan adds, “Having our catalog of books available in digital format for library patrons across North America and many other English-reading countries not only makes me ecstatic, but it brings the whole thing full circle–a reminder to always give back those transformative life experiences so that others may experience it for themselves and, in turn, pass the torch.”

About Hoopla Digital 

Hoopla is the digital brand and service of Midwest Tape, a trusted physical media provider to public libraries since 1989. Hoopla partners with libraries across North America, Australia, and New Zealand to provide online and mobile access to hundreds of thousands of audiobooks, eBooks, comics and manga, music, movies, TV, and more with BingePass. With Hoopla, library patrons can borrow, stream, and download digital media with a valid library card from a public library that partners with Hoopla. All content is accessible via Hoopla’s free mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, and online at hoopladigital.com.

About AAW Games

Conceived in 2010, AAW Games’ website Adventureaweek.com has released new tabletop roleplaying game adventures to subscribers every week since 2012. In addition to weekly adventures, AAW crowdfunds premium limited print books and games via Kickstarter such as the bestselling Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition

AAW believes in the potential of the creative spark, the excitement of discovery, and the strength of connection through community.

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