Celebrating 300 Mini-Dungeons on GM’s Day 2024, 50th D&D Anniversary

AAW Games celebrates the release of Mini-Dungeon #300!

This celebratory Mini-Dungeon by Stephen Yeardley & Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf is a four-page special with both static & moving maps by Dynamic Dungeons, and a planar soundtrack by Sonor Village.
AAW Games has been releasing Mini-Dungeons since 2016 and celebrates the release of Mini-Dungeon #300 that just happens to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, anniversary of Gary Gygax passing, and GM’s Day. A most wondrous coincidence!

We’ve come a long way since the first Mini-Dungeon (#1 & #300 below for comparison).

Special Thanks to those who make Mini-Dungeons possible!
To our friends, fans, and supporters. And of course, to the entire Mini-Dungeons Team including: Roo Thompson, Justin Andrew Mason, Mates Laurentiu, Stephen Yeardley, Thilo Graf, Julio Rocha, David Schwartz, Grant Simpson, Tony Ohrazda, Bill Buchalter, William Fischer, Claire Stricklin, Hans Cummings, Jonathan G. Nelson, Rafael Tshope, Sonor Village, and Dynamic Dungeons.

Dynamic Dungeons makes moving maps like this one that you can put on a TV set lying flat and place miniatures upon it. AAW Games has many Mini-Dungeons ready to play with moving maps included.

About Mini-Dungeons
One-shot or single-session short adventures to drop into any game night or ongoing campaign. Sort Mini-Dungeons by terrain and level, find the perfect adventure for your game. All Mini-Dungeons download as a zip file containing the adventure PDF and static maps in GM, Player, and VTT formats.

About Enhanced Mini-Dungeons
The same as described above but also including 3-5 audio tracks to fit the adventure and moving maps by Dynamic Dungeons (play on a TV set flat on your table). More info here!

About AAW Games
AAW Games / Adventureaweek.com was conceived in 2010 and has released new tabletop roleplaying game adventures to subscribers every week since 2012. AAW Games is committed to producing quality content and books, utilizing 100% recyclable materials whenever possible.

AAW crowdfunds premium limited print books and games via Kickstarter, such as our best selling Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition. AAW Games was the first publisher to make GM, player, and VTT map packs standard with every digital adventure release and had the first product available on Roll20.

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