d100 Book Titles

How familiar is this scenario? Your players’ characters enter an old study, library, or town bookstore and immediately ask what kind of books they find.

The problem is, you’re not prepared to answer that question. Maybe you were rushed in designing your adventure, or perhaps whoever wrote the adventure didn’t bother to tell you.

Have no fear!

Below are 100 titles of books you can use to help flesh out the more literary settings in your adventures. Some are serious. Some are a bit tongue-in-cheek. While none of the books listed are inherently magical, there is no reason why you couldn’t imbue some with eldritch features.

Read through the list and see if any titles speak to you, or roll a d100 to pick one at random and improvise on the spot. Not all titles will fit all settings. That’s okay. Reroll and/or adjust as you need.

Have fun!

d100 Books!

  1. The Book of Common Law
  2. Carnivorous Gardening
  3. The Book of Twelve Seasons
  4. A Journey Beyond the Veil
  5. Raising Weasels With Confidence
  6. What Lights Shine Forever? A History of Sun Deities
  7. A Short History of Dwarves
  8. What Color Is Your Dragon?
  9. Samwell’s Guide to Arms and Armor
  10. The Silent Bard and Other Myths
  11. The Letters of Saint Cuthbert
  12. Secret Doors and Passages (bad poetry collection)
  13. A Journeyman’s Guide to Barrel Making
  14. Basic Carpentry For Complex Dungeons
  15. The Great Extraplanar Hoax
  16. Fungal Crop Rotation For Underground Dwellers
  17. How To Use a Sundial In the Rain
  18. Farming Wheat, Barley, and Giant Frogs
  19. A Caretaker’s Guide to Giant Centipedes
  20. 101 Untraceable Poisons
  21. All Giants Great and Small
  22. 50 Things To Do With a Dead Lich
  23. Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Beholder
  24. Planning Your Castle Construction
  25. Tavern Management In Rural Areas
  26. The Assassin’s Inspiration (just a hollowed-out book with a dagger hidden in it)
  27. Accidental Pickpocketing and Other Excuses
  28. Spells We Are Still Trying To Make Work
  29. Samwell’s Guide To Wands
  30. The Legend of Tucker’s Kobolds
  31. Potatoes That Resemble Goblins: A Pictorial
  32. Basic Ammunition Accounting for Archers, Crossbowers, and Slingers
  33. Vines: Small, Medium, Giant
  34. Defeating a Heavy Iron Gate
  35. Counting to Ten for Orcs
  36. The Arrow of Benevolent Intent
  37. Monstrous Philosophies
  38. Thirty Ways To Skin a Dragon
  39. Warlock vs Sorcerer: How To Spot the Difference
  40. Tower Defenses, What Works and What Does Not
  41. Samwell’s Guide To Holy Symbols
  42. Prayers For the Righteous
  43. Identifying Grubs, Worms, and Sentient Fungi
  44. Wyverns, Wyrms, Drakes & Dragons: The Differences
  45. Recipes For Disaster: A Cookbook
  46. A Field Guide To Fey
  47. 1001 Things To Do Underground
  48. A History of Thieve Guilds
  49. Weather Manipulation and Farm Management
  50. The Whole Hollow World Atlas
  51. The Great Bird Hoax
  52. The Physics Behind interdimensional Portals, Bags, and Holes
  53. What’s Behind That Door? A Listener’s Handbook
  54. Turnips. The Gods’ Own Gift To the World
  55. How To Make a Lantern Out Of a Skull
  56. Candlemaking for Clerics
  57. Surveillance Techniques That Don’t Work
  58. The Myth of the Useful Bard
  59. Samwell’s Guide To Useless Glyphs
  60. Thieves Cant… or Can They?
  61. Hunting Mushrooms In the Dark
  62. Cursed Idols and Relics of the Desert
  63. Climate Change During the Dark Wizard Times
  64. Airships. An Inflatable History
  65. How To Live Forever—or Close To It
  66. Giant Flowers. Friend or Foe?
  67. The Most Grand Illusion
  68. Daily Affirmations for Tyrants
  69. Hidden Staircases and Secret Doors
  70. Managing Your Giant Vines
  71. How To Get Way With Murder
  72. Poisoned Pens. Allegory or Literal Danger?
  73. Sonnets for Sorcerers
  74. Seven Knights For Seven Dragons
  75. River Navigation Through Magical Forests
  76. A Biological Survey of Gnomish “People”
  77. Mysterious Structures That Glow
  78. Samwell’s Guide To Blue-Colored Potions
  79. The Unlikely Romance of Owls and Bears
  80. Rocks That Sort of Look Like Orcs
  81. Animal Husbandry and Midwifery
  82. Castle Gardens For Long Sieges
  83. Doors That Don’t Go Anywhere and Other Dungeon Tricks
  84. How Green Is My Goblin?
  85. How To Tell a Brew Is True
  86. Cubicles & Commuters: A Fantasy Roleplaying Guide
  87. Explosive Grass and Other Lawn Care Tips
  88. Is Your Spouse a Polymorph? 50 Signs They Might Be
  89. Plots, Intrigue, and Politics
  90. The Book of Uncommon Law
  91. Feeding Your Village On One Enlarged Vegetable a Year
  92. A Simple Guide To Vampires
  93. Unwrapping the Mystery of Mummies
  94. Ghost Stories Written By Ghosts
  95. Samwell’s Guide To Love and Love Potions
  96. The Underground Horoscope
  97. Orienteering Without a Compass
  98. How To Work a Sextant
  99. Fabled Treasures and Monsters
  100. Puppetry For Evil and Parties

What are some of your book titles? Feel free to share in the comments.

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