Vasi, the Tear of the Eternal Bath

Vasi, the Tear of the Eternal Bath—as she is known in Aventyr—is a benevolent deity devoted to the balance created by water’s presence in the world.



At the dawn of the world, when the elements collided to create Aventyr, the cosmos shed a single tear that such pain and strife was necessary for Creation. Whether Vasi is the cosmos or the tear—the creator or the healer—her faithful cannot say. She sees the necessity of balance in all thigs, but she is also the balm against struggle, want, and ruin. Vasi watched the Shard of the Sun scorch its path across the earth. She saw the burning fields and forests and she sent the soothing rains. As gods war and the world bleeds, Vasi teaches mercy to the strong and brings strength to the weak.


Vasi’s faithful are often loners dedicated to uplifting those who struggle for survival, especially those in harsh, bereft environments. A caretaker of a desert oasis, the guardian of a river’s spring, or a greenthumb in the deep rainforest are all followers of Vasi, whether they know it or not. Shrines and temples built to Vasi are found in places where desolation has been tamed, or amid barren wastelands awaiting the arrival of a blessed cultivator.  

Vasi’s shrines and temples are found near deep grottos and remote mountain lakes, anywhere there is a clean source of freshwater, a small shrine is found nearby. Worshippers were once many and their influence spread far and wide in Aventyr, for all need water to survive. Today, these shrines are abandoned, though many people still know the name of the goddess they’re devoted to.

At one time, 92 high priests of Vasi were caretakers of 92 holy shrines throughout Aventyr. These shrines served not only as temples to Vasi, but as stabilizing beacons of balance in chaotic regions, where those who were suffering could find solace. Today just one high priest of Vasi remains. Mother May’al is an enigmatic traveler, but she is never found on the road, instead appearing in or near places that are sacred to Vasi: a hidden mountain spring or fledgling desert oasis.

The Mi’unin and the Great Flood

The Mi’unin is a tome penned during the lost empire era, when Grekia ruled a vast swath of Aventyr. When 92 high priests of Vasi recite the litany found within the pages of the Mi’unin, chanting in unison for 92 days and nights in their 92 shrines, the Great Flood is unleashed upon the world. No complete copy of this book is known to exist. Was this “Great Flood” the calamity that  brought low the Grekian Empire? Only Vasi knows.

Symbol: A glistening teardrop
Alignment: Neutral Good
Suggested Cleric Domain: Water
Titles: Lady of the Lake, Mother of the Ocean, Pearls of the Mist, Tears of the Eternal Bath
Realm: The Plane of Water
Portfolio: lakes, pools, oases, grottos, springs, streams, rivers, balance, wisdom, renewal

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