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d100 Book Titles

How familiar is this scenario? Your players’ characters enter an old study, library, or town bookstore and immediately ask what kind of books they find.

The problem is, you’re not prepared to answer that question. Maybe you were rushed in designing your adventure, or perhaps whoever wrote the adventure didn’t bother to tell you.

Have no fear! Continue reading d100 Book Titles

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d100 Mountain Finds

baevonia pass

What will you find in the mountains?

Player’s characters travel a variety of terrain when going from hither and yon. Sometimes those routes traverse grand majestic ranges, sometimes rocky foothills.

Don’t expect mountains to be devoid of life or activity. Whether it be mining dwarves, traveling merchants, mad wizards, or ornery goats, this list offers some possible options either for items found or creatures encountered. Continue reading d100 Mountain Finds

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d100 Marketplace Finds

Who’s ready to go shopping?

Your player characters might. When not delving dungeons or defeating dragons, many players engage in a little downtime and enjoy doing some roleplaying in town. And because you can’t (or maybe shouldn’t) spend all of that downtime in the tavern, the marketplace is a great place to let your characters explore. Continue reading d100 Marketplace Finds

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d100 Forest Finds

What’s in your forest?

A forest can be much more than a simple terrain sprinkled with occasional encounters. A forest exists whether the party is there or not and, therefore, has a life of its own. It is full of animals, creatures both mundane and fanciful, areas of magic and mystery, and places with history.

People have been through this forest before your party, and some may still be in the area. People drop the oddest things in forests.

In your game, you can break up the monotony of forest terrain travel with some of these items. Roll some dice, or just pick out something that seems like fun. Use an item below as described or apply your own twist. It can be a passing sort of thing, or you might decide to weave it into your adventure. Continue reading d100 Forest Finds

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Between Here and There: Short Encounters for Long Journeys

It’s handy for a GM to have a collection of short, flexible encounters suitable for dropping into a game session when there is a need to change up the pacing of party challenges, or color up the world a little.

To start, I’d like to introduce something I call “Road Challenges”—encounters meant to be experienced on those long roads betwixt cities and towns, towns and dungeons, dungeons and haunted monasteries, and so forth. They’re ideal for when you want to add a layer of adventure to the narrative journey between places, change up the rhythm of the overall game, or just give the players something to do should everyone find themselves waiting for other players late to the table. Continue reading Between Here and There: Short Encounters for Long Journeys