AAW Games seeks adventure authors

AAW Games is looking for authors!

Are you proficient with D&D 5e? Do you have great ideas and enjoy thinking outside the box? Do your players love your adventures and tell you they should be published? We would like to work with you!

You can check out an example of our style and what we’re looking for in these two free adventures (click to download):

Mini-Dungeon #156: Bloodsuckers

Mini-Dungeon #170: In Cold Storage

Are you interested and ready to start writing?

Then provide us a sampling of your writing. We would like you to write 3 rooms of a dungeon, no map required. Include a short introduction, 3-4 sentences in length. The dungeon rooms should contain mechanical elements, like magic items, traps, etc., so we can evaluate your technical writing skills as well as your prose. Your work will not be owned or retained by AAW Games and will only be used to evaluate your skills.

Send the aforementioned sample of your writing to thilo@aawgames.com or, better yet: join the AAW Games Discord and get to know us and our community of friends and fans at http://bit.ly/AAWGames then DM your work to Thilo @Endzeitgeist

Please note, we tend to get a lot of applicants so if you don’t hear back from us, it means it wasn’t a good fit. That said, don’t hesitate to try again next time we put out a call of this nature.
We look forward to working with you!

4 thoughts on “AAW Games seeks adventure authors”

  1. That all depends upon your experience and qualifications. To start we’d need to evaluate your work, so send something off to Thilo Graf (Endzeitgeist) to get the process started.
    To be honest, we’ve had some industry professionals who produce sub-par work and brand new authors who are just killing it, so I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover!
    We’ll start you off about the same pay as the base-rate of the rest of the crew, but if you excel and continually get 5-star reviews, we’ll boost you up in pay.

  2. Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

    Is this offer still open? I’m very interested but didn’t hear about it until earlier this week, and haven’t had time to put my mind into adventure-writing mode until today. I have some ideas ready now, how soon do you need a submission? Also, do you require everything to be in 5e SRD, i.e. monsters, magic items, spells only from the SRD list?

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