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5E Mini-Dungeon #156: Bloodsuckers

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5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four characters of level 8

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5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four characters of level 8

The Countess Carmilla Mora died as she lived: as subject of rumor and scandal. Her decadent parties were legend, her conquests numerous, and her predilection for nocturnal rendezvous an open secret.

When her loyal retainers announced her passing away from a “disease of the blood,” gossip in the vicinity of Castle Mora ran rampant.

Then, creatures of the night began lurking about her crypt, and the market price for garlic skyrocketed. And as travelers across Mora County took to carrying sharpened stakes and holy water, vampire hunters began arriving in droves.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

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92 reviews for 5E Mini-Dungeon #156: Bloodsuckers

  1. Jeff Ibach (verified owner)

    Good story, very nice maps!

  2. Sam L. (verified owner)

    Did not want it for 5th ed as we are still playing in Pathfinder 1, but we working on making it work for our game.

  3. Larry M. (verified owner)

    This gave me some very good ideas for NPCs in some adventures.

  4. Joe (verified owner)

  5. Hector Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great adventure that I plan to put to good use against my players

  6. Francisco J. Cabrero Sañudo (verified owner)


  7. Eric Waydick (verified owner)

    Just the right amount of detail to jumpstart a daytrip dungeon. Plenty of room for adlibbing when more detail is wanted, but can be run as is. My players enjoyed the session when running this in the classic combat fashion, and the setting can be used for other adventures in our Pizza Interdimensional ingredients gathering or delivery to the bloodsuckers.

  8. RC Craigo (verified owner)

    Would love to see more Pathfinder 1e/2e adventures.

  9. John Carney (verified owner)

  10. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Glad you are enjoying our Mini-Dungeons!

  11. Michael Wood (verified owner)

  12. Nicholas Stanosheck (verified owner)

    Looks good, lots of content!

  13. Serge Billarant (verified owner)

    Perfect !

  14. Dan Roy (verified owner)

  15. Courtney (verified owner)

    Easy to follow module.

  16. Eric W. (verified owner)

    Good map and creature identification appropriate for the levels stated. This reduces preparation time and could be inserted into my realm and repurposed for my game easily.

  17. Russell (verified owner)

    Interesting blood-themed mini-module with enough of a back story to make it a good spur-of-the-moment detour for your characters. Says it’s for four level-8 characters, and it seems like that would be overkill, but once the full effects of the cursed “treasure” become clear, I imagine the party will need every one of those levels.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Quinn (verified owner)

    Focused, tight and clever. Lots of fun; we’ll put it to good use.

  20. chantel Jones (verified owner)

  21. Seth (verified owner)

    Such a great little adventure. Had lots of fun with it.

  22. Krisse Tuominen (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  23. William R. (verified owner)

    The atmosphere and set up were fine and looked like almost anyone could benefit from the adventure. The requirement that a GM have access to two other books to use the dungeon was a disappointment. It should be made clear that to fully utilize this adventure, you need both the Tome of Beasts and the Creature Codex. Of course you could use your own opposition and unlikely ally but that would require more preparation than just review and play.

  24. Tim Hyde (verified owner)

  25. Michael Wibberley (verified owner)

    A perfect Night of Horror and Fun

  26. Stephan Grey (verified owner)

  27. Ann (verified owner)

  28. patrick seymour (verified owner)

  29. Robert Smith (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Jean-Michel (verified owner)

    Looks nice, not yet tested

  32. Stefan Leonhardt (verified owner)

  33. Daxton (verified owner)

    Offered this adventure for free, couldn’t say no!

    I love free stuff. So HUGE “Thank you!” for that!

    Otherwise, great job, 10/10 will visit again!

  34. Mark Goetzinger (verified owner)

  35. Jeff Poupore (verified owner)

    I love all the modules. Would like to see more Pathfinder ones.

  36. Kyrielle (verified owner)

  37. Andreas (verified owner)

    Great offer. I like it all.

  38. Royden (verified owner)

    Nice layout and easy to adapt for my campaign.

  39. Robert C. (verified owner)

    nicely done

  40. Tarl A. Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a great supplement for the price wish it could have dropped around Halloween but still great info

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. George W. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy transaction.

  43. Mike J. (verified owner)

  44. Aubrey Clark (verified owner)

    It looks like it will be a fun little side quest to send my players on one day. Right now they are all lvl 2 in the current campaign

  45. Conrad Clough (verified owner)

  46. Chris Mooney (verified owner)


  47. RAY . (verified owner)

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a common theme with any RPG company with downloadable files, even DriveThruRPG has issues downloading files. I have to try mobile download folder to upload, or try many apps to try to download a file to having to transfer it to another app to open the file. With Bloodsuckers, I tried 6 times and no zip would download. Usually my tablet saves the day, but I will try my smartphone tomorrow. If no work, I won’t bother with AAW files again. Its Free, so no biggie you just get a low rating for this experience.

  49. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Hello Anonymous,
    If you’re experiencing problems, please contact us at I would highly recommend downloading this PDF via a computer as opposed to a phone or mobile device although I am happy to help you troubleshoot this if you contact us at the aforementioned email address. If you prefer, you can find us on Discord at
    Thank you!
    Jonathan G. Nelson
    AAW Games

  50. Frederick S Sexe (verified owner)

  51. Allen S. (verified owner)

    Fun. Quick. Easy-to-run.

  52. Kevin Fannin (verified owner)

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect one-shot!

  54. Ralph Bennett (verified owner)

  55. Stephen Smith (verified owner)

    Great compilation!

  56. Christopher S. (verified owner)

  57. Andrew B. (verified owner)

    Perfect for the session time we had planned. Very fun!

  58. ANDREW H. (verified owner)

    Awesome map and well written encounter.

  59. John Evans (verified owner)

    Excellent checkout process. Great product to boot!

  60. Wayne Welgush (verified owner)

    Cute little encounter that one can weave into their home brew as a small side adventure to bring some local fame to low level adventurers.

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)


  62. Jon Bell (verified owner)

  63. rg easter (verified owner)

    My players really enjoyed it.

  64. Jason Herrick (verified owner)

  65. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    Such a classic vibe to this adventure.

  66. Jimmy Hernandez (verified owner)

    Seems very interesting. Can’t wait to have my family play it.

  67. Todd Phillips (verified owner)

  68. Celil Senman (verified owner)

    Fantastic procedure and very cool adventure

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    creepy good

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice little addition to my collection. easy to follow for DMing a great session or three with some players

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

  72. Scott (verified owner)

  73. Craig Janssen (verified owner)

    No issues or problems with order! Thanks.

  74. Ric (verified owner)

    After reading through it I can’t wait to run it

  75. Jeff M. (verified owner)

  76. Scott Hinkley (verified owner)

    It was interesting. I would really love to see more of the backstory to this locale.

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

  78. laurie h. (verified owner)

  79. Ben (verified owner)

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

  81. Paul (verified owner)

  82. John (verified owner)

    Thank You for your offer, but Item didn’t print well, don’t know if it was the download or the printer. ;-( Hope others have better luck then I did.

  83. Jesse W. (verified owner)

  84. Warren Rawlings (verified owner)

    Thank for the free dungeon- I’m really into the Rise of the Drow adventure now I haven’t read bloodsuckers yet. But For RotD there are some good concepts and great art to make a good campaign. Wish the world was a little more default because there is a lot more integration you have to do to bring people into the world.

  85. Kevin (verified owner)

  86. Robert Cliver (verified owner)

    Love the weekly downloads so far! This one looks like lots of spooky fun, and it was very easy to access.

  87. Jonathan G. Nelson (store manager)

    Glad that you’re enjoying the free adventures. 🙂

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

  89. Kamil B. (verified owner)

    Nice themed module

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

  91. David (verified owner)

  92. George A. (verified owner)

    Down loading pdf is difficult but I received my order 4 days after I ordered it. The book is well crafted and beautifully made. I can’t wait to run it.

  93. Martin S. (verified owner)

  94. Zach Y. (verified owner)

    Hard to complain with free, and the store interface is easy and quick to use!

  95. Dirk Fahrendholz (verified owner)

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