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Alin’s Almanac: King’s Crown

Bright yellow petals framing a “king’s crown” are how this flower came to be known in Aventyr. Now domesticated and frequently grown in gardens in the villages and towns across the countryside, children are frequently found abusing this flower for its power of control over boring old grownups.

sundry flora kings crown
King’s Crown

Found. In windowboxes in villages across the Aventyr countryside in temperate and warm climates. Sometimes found growing on grass covered hills in the countryside, it is rumored that one following the trail of flowers will be led to “the great treasures of long dead kings and queens.

Appearance. Growing from a bulb into a stout, straight green stalk before blossoming a bright yellow flower with six petals shining out like the sun and framing a small cup with little notches, looking very akin to a golden crown.

Fragrance. Almost no scent, slightly floral.

Uses. After ingesting a “crown” from this flower, all Charisma (Deception), Charisma (Intimidation), and Charima (Persuasion) checks are made with advantage for 2d10 rounds.

Combination. When a king’s crown is worn tucked inside a yeamani flower, the next Charima based check is automatically a success. This effect may only be used once per week by an individual.

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