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(SW) A02: Devil of Dark Wood (Fantasy Grounds)

Fantasy Grounds

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PDF not included.

Fantasy Grounds and Savage Worlds Conversion by Mark Sim

A Savage Worlds adventure for 4-6 Novice to Seasoned PCs (15-25 experience points)

Bakinqa is not your typical devil. Influenced by human society at a young age he took it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the ìpink skinsî. When his first meeting with humans results in the death of his father, Bakinqa swears to find and kill the boy responsible. Ten years later Bakinqa has prepared his plans for revenge. He begins experimentation on human werewolves, turning them into slaves and using them to work his way into human society searching for the boy that killed his father, now a man. When local hunters begin to disappear the mayor takes notice and hires the PCs to investigate.

The PCs search will take them into the dreaded Dark Wood where they battle werewolves and hybrid devil spawn in search of the manipulative devil Bakinqa.

Also included in “Devil of Dark Wood”:

All maps by 3x ENnie Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble
New location: The Thirsty Serpent Tavern complete with tavern floorplan map and illustration.
New NPC: Fin Starling, retired adventurer and owner of the Thirsty Serpent Tavern.
New location: Hunter’s Cabin in Dark Wood
Three new herbal medicinal cures: Healing Salve, Disease Curing Tea, and Resuscitation Powder
Bonus maps: Rybalkan Peninsula, the village of Rybalka, Hunter’s Cabin and Snowy Forest
Numerous options provided to power up or down the final encounter
An optional open ending to allow GMs to continue the adventure!


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2 reviews for (SW) A02: Devil of Dark Wood (Fantasy Grounds)

4.5 Rating
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  1. I’m giving this a 5 mainly b/c the staff at AAW is wonderful. The adventure itself is pretty good, but it’s also evident that these were not natively written for Savage Worlds.

    This isn’t meant as a criticism, just as a note that SW GM’s need to be aware of. Only takes a little effort to adjust, really. 🙂

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