Jonathan G. Nelson

Goblin Cave

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A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of Levels 1-2

The village of Svor has a problem, travelers on the main road are being robbed by bandits.  The magistrate has requested assistance from the king, but help will take weeks to arrive.  In the meantime the PCs are called upon to investigate the robberies.  Clues lead the group through Svorian Forest and across Murky Lake to the entrance of Goblin Cave.  Who or what awaits them inside?

Also included in “Goblin Cave”:

  • Adventure locations easy to drop into any campaign or setting
  • New Spell: Circulus Sanguinis
  • New Hazard: Green Spores



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1 review for Goblin Cave

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  1. Ran the game with 4, new to DnD, players. Had to give them a little more incentive to start them off but the campaign unfolded beautifully after they got on their way. Straight forward enough and a commonly identified enemy (goblins) made the new players comfortable and the tips given for me, the dm, made playing the npc’s and enemies fun. Great plot twists and fun exploration.

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