Curtis Baum

The Right to Arm Bugbears


An adventure for four characters of 5th-7th level

A series of robberies nearly brought Bridgefort to its knees.

Strange humanoids are gathering in the nearby Forest of Mists and have been exploring ancient ruins using maps stolen during the robberies. Can the party stop these creatures before they are able to raise an army of kobolds, gnolls, and bugbears?

  • Explore ancient ruins filled with puzzles, traps, and ambushes to prevent a humanoid army from controlling dangerous artifacts
  • Fight coordinated enemy parties with humanoid mystics, rogues, and archers who use advantages such as higher ground and ambushes
  • Struggle against enemies who have already set plans in motion to capture or destroy the city of Bridgefort and the surrounding countryside, leaving the entire kingdom open for invasion
  • Complete adventure as a sequel to “Thief in the Night” or a standalone adventure ready to challenge your players


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