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5E Mini-Dungeon #148: Echo of the Oracle

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5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four to six characters of levels 8-9


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5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four to six characters of levels 8-9

In a cave high in the mountains, the oracle of Thylos dispenses his wisdom. From across the land, supplicants bearing offerings—ranging from simple food to rare treasures—come to the cave to receive answers to their questions. One such petitioner was the void cultist Amydra hoping to explicate the meaning of an ancient inscription.

Not satisfied with the oracle’s answer, Amydra returned with members of her cult, overwhelmed the acolytes and captured the oracle. The characters seek the wisdom of the oracle. In a nearby town, they hear that all recent petitioners have been turned away, with some never returning at all. The townsfolk whose livelihood depends on visitors to the oracle beg the party to investigate.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

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