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Pregenerated Characters 5e for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds

Six D&D 5e pregen characters, levels 1-6, custom designed for use with Fantasy Grounds Unity or Classic.

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Six D&D 5e pregen characters, custom designed for use with Fantasy Grounds Unity or Classic.

Every character available ready-to-play, levels 1-6.

What you Get!

  • Perfect for one-shot adventuring or a quick game
  • Ideal for use with our Fantasy Grounds Mini-Dungeons Collection
  • Ready-to-Play with level-appropriate magic items and spells
  • Original artwork for each character
  • Tokens for every character

The Characters

🗡️Brienne Wood ~ halfling (lightfoot) rogue
🪓Einar Gulbrand ~ human barbarian
🔮Ezra ~ half-elf wizard
🍂Kachina Skytalon ~ human druid
💫Khari Zuberi ~ human paladin
❤️‍🩹Serafima Fedorov ~ human cleric

Directions (how to import pregens): Click characters, click blue up arrow, click blue up arrow again, select all XML files of the level you need, click open.

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