Caption for Tales from the Tabletop #35.

Tales from the Tabletop #35

Caption for Tales from the Tabletop #35.
Tales from the Tabletop #35 – Caption: “Look, it’s fine! I’ll just put the map, compass, and slingshot back, and the little green kid and his fairy should still be able to kill the boss; and I’ll keep the rupees as commission, okay?” ~ Sam Jackson

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Tales from the Tabletop™ Explanation

Each week we will post a new comic for Tales from the Tabletop™ with one or more blank caption/dialog balloons. Post your own witty dialog in the comments for these rockin’ comics on our Facebook Page. If your entry is selected as the funniest, we’ll use your caption and you win awesome stuff like adventures, dice, or gooey cinnamon rolls!

What is this awesome looking comic about tabletop gaming?

Tales from the Tabletop™ is a tabletop gaming comic drawn and colored by Jacob Blackmon. Jacob fantasizes about Tales from the Tabletop™ by candlelight in the late evening hours and has been known to conduct secret arcane rituals involving cute cats and beautiful anime cosplay girls.

Jonathan G. Nelson comes up with some awesome, stupid, and downright ridiculous ideas which Jacob frequently shakes his head at, and then smiles because he knows that he can transform those frantic ramblings about green slime and three-headed dire reindeer (with the fiendish template) into something which ordinary folks just might understand.

Justin Andrew Mason designed and created our logo (with one hand) in about 10 minutes, while also writing an adventure, drinking energy drinks, and designing layouts for about 25 different websites all at the same time –  and the logo still came out pretty rockin’!

So that’s it! I got off to rambling, but yeah- that’s the team!

Why are the word balloons blank on newly posted Tales from the Tabletop™ comics?

The word balloons are left empty so YOU can post comments writing in what you think should go there. Anything is fair game so long as it’s not racist, sexist, or any other “-ist” which we deem archaic, ignorant nonsense.

Why should I do this?

You have been tempted by the powers of the dark side. You reach for a piece of charcoal or chalk, and begin to etch on the dungeon wall; your body is weary of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders… You succumb to your darkest comedic desires, and feel the need to write hilarious dialog for a tabletop gaming comic book! What strange desires you have! Oh man, I want a hot gooey cinnamon roll right now! Doesn’t that sound good!?

What do I get if my entry is chosen?

The entry deemed by our panel of judges (the team) to be the funniest wins something awesome like a print adventure, a free subscription to, a sack of dice, etc.

The Rules: By submitting your content, you agree to grant AAW Games an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to publish the content online and elsewhere at the sole discretion of AAW Games. Submission is not a guarantee that your content will be chosen or any prize will be awarded. In order to receive any prize, correct contact information must be provided with your submission.

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