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Mini-Dungeon Monthly #1


This download includes:

  • PDF with FIVE adventures for 5th Edition
  • 5 Maps in classic B&W
  • 20 Maps in gorgeous color
  • GM Maps
  • Player Maps
  • VTT Maps
  • Digital Token Pack
  • Digital Posters


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Umbravania: The Whispers in the Hollow
An adventure for three to four characters of 2nd to 4th level by Justin Andrew Mason

Temple of the Fallen Phoenix
An adventure for four characters of 9th level by Thomas Baumbach

Lair of the Mendacious Naga
An adventure for four characters of 11th to 12th level by GM Lent

The Exposed Nest
An adventure for four characters of 10th-12th, 12th-14th, or 16th-20th level by Jonathan G. Nelson

Survive: In a Vampire Hive
An adventure for four to six characters of 20th level by Jonathan G. Nelson


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