Haakon Sullivan

Frozen Nightmares


A 5th Edition compatible adventure by Haakon Sulivan, designed for a party of 4 PCs of Level 10

When the mithral rush began in the northern region centuries ago, people from all over the world rushed to the area to find riches and glory. Thus the town of Domandro was born to give the prospectors supplies, entertainment, and a warm bed in the frozen northern plains. However, the town mysteriously disappeared and forgotten even in the fringes of history. Centuries after the town’s disappearance and the subsequent fall of the mithral rush, one antique dealer named Wilhern Dobbenspeck has stumbles upon a document hinting at the town’s existence. Thinking he has found the historical find of the ages, he has put out a call for adventurers to prove the town ever existed. Little does Dobbenspeck know that he’s sending the expedition into a frozen nightmare of giants, undead, and something from out of this world.

• A free roam adventure in a hazardous town

• A new city with detailed background history for a cold northern region

• A new spell, redirect teleport

• Two new monsters, the fast-moving carnigens, and the scavenging frost vultures

• Details on Elemental Princes, and the blessings and curses they can bestow on characters

• Map by three-time ENnie Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble


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