Michael McCarthy

Midwinter’s Chill, Saatman’s Empire (1 of 4)

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A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six 10th level PCs

A snowstorm ravages the Klavek Kingdom, betraying the forces of nature and blanketing the land in snow and ice, leaving the skeletons of towns in its wake. The PCs delve into the snow, only to find omens of worse things to come – a powerful white dragon is manipulating events to bring her frozen fortress into the middle of the kingdom – can the PCs stop her and her minions before she arrives to dominate the kingdom?

Also included in “Midwinter’s Chill”:

  • A dragon egg, as well as detailed rules for how to care for, hatch, and train the dragon within!
  • A new monster, the Murashyk, a guilt-ridden undead sure to lead the PCs to their doom.
  • Three new magic items! Teleportation spires, and two types of dragon-slaying medallions for your PCs to prepare for the challenges ahead!
  • A new spell, splice location, which allows you to shift entire buildings or even cities from one place to another!
  • A new deity, Arnut, the goddess of winter and the north wind!
  • Maps and Illustrations by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble


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