Justin Andrew Mason

Thanksgiving Mini-Dungeon: A Feast of Fury


A 5th Edition, Thanksgiving-themed Mini-Dungeon for 3-4 PCs of levels 5-7

Since its founding the human kingdom of Alngard has been at violent odds with the goblin tribes of the Dynnveil Forest. Goblin raids on settlements were often met (or prompted) by “cleansing” excursions deep into the forest creating a vicious cycle that promised endless animosity.

No one would have suspected that the promise for peace would originate from the goblins, yet just such an opportunity has arisen. The goblin warlord (and self-proclaimed goblin king), Oddu, has united most goblin tribes under his centralized rule.

Calling themselves the Kingdom of the Veil, the unified tribes seek an end to old ways of pillaging and vengeance. After tense negotiating, Oddu has made uneasy peace with the Alngardian king, Ytanar. The kings signed a treaty that grants the Kingdom of the Veil sovereignty of the vast woodland. Peace is ultimately to the benefit of Alngard; thus, Ytarna has agreed to back Oddu’s position as King of the Goblins. There are those among goblinkin who would see this alliance degenerate. Rival goblin warlords seek to topple Oddu from his new throne, and have aligned with an Ogre clan that also resides within the forest.

Holiday Mini-Dungeons are thematically-charged, setting-agnostic short adventures spanning 4 pages.  


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