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(5E) A09: Rogue Wizard (Fantasy Grounds)

Fantasy Grounds

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A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of levels 9-12

The party has a straightforward charge; bring in a rogue wizard!

This adventure takes the PCs into a wizard tower crowned by a strange alien life form.  A blob of flesh encapsulated in a chitinous shell firmly grips the sides of the tower with long tentacles which also crash through many of the tower’s windows.  Every room of the tower presents a different challenge for the PCs who must fight and think their way through many dangerous and odd situations.

After a multitude of obstacles the PCs must confront a series of guardians the likes of which they have never before seen; and all of this before they come face to face with the infamous “Rogue Wizard”.

Also included in “Rogue Wizard”:

  • One of the most bizarre adventures you will ever run
  • Maps by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble
  • Illustrations by renowned graphic novel artist Tim Tyler
  • High-Resolution Maps of all Tower Levels and interior
  • New Monster: Undead Ogre Guards
  • New Monster: Grizzly Bear Rug
  • New Monster: Sentinel
  • New Monster: NITNAM
  • New Monster: Tormented Flesh Golem (made of halfling corpses and fully illustrated)
  • New Monster: Black Pudding Knight (fully illustrated)
  • New Spells: Taxidermy Swarm (lesser and greater)
  • Over 10 fully illustrated and in-depth puzzles for your players to solve!
  • Multiple New Traps!
  • New Machine: Bone Grinding Machine
  • New Material: Bonedust


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1 review for (5E) A09: Rogue Wizard (Fantasy Grounds)

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  1. So, I will be doing a video review of this 5E FG module, but given how much I like this adventure, I wanted to give it a review here. First, the non-spoiler review. This is an awesome adventure. I enthusiastically give it 5-stars. This adventure checks all the boxes for me. I really like running one-shots of higher levels. There are a lot of 1st-3rd level one-shot adventures, but not many really good higher level adventures. Having something like this for 9-12 th lvl (I think 9th or 10th lvl will be perfect for this) is tremendous. Second, I get tired of the same old monsters. This one introduces several new monsters (I’ll mention in the spoilers below, but not here yet). Also, the artwork is great. I really like the monster artwork in particular. Cool stuff. In addition, the 5e module includes a map of the approach to the tower which is not in the pdf which is a bonus. Finally, the conversion is done very well. I noticed some issues with it when I first purchased it and notified the publisher and they immediately corrected them all. Great stuff! Before I get to the spoilers, one final comment. When you look to purchase the module, definitely look here on the AAW website, on DrivethruRPG and on Fantasy Grounds. Right now this module is only on the AAW website and Drivethru but could be on FG in the future. The reason I mention this is right now on Drivethru the 5e FG module is priced at $9.99. As much as I think the adventure is worth it (should be a good 3 sessions I think?), that is pretty high for a one-shot and hard to give it an enthusiastic 5-star review at that price given all the other great adventures out there priced at a lower pricepoint. However, it is currently priced at $7.99 here on the AAW website. I’ve found price discrepancies like this with AAW products before, so definitely search before you buy! I also struggle sometimes why the pathfinder versions from AAW can be much less expensive than the 5e counterpart (currently the PF FG mod is $6.99 as the standard price and the FG 5e mod is $9.99 as the standard price but on sale here right now at $7.99), but I digress!

    SPOILER ALERT! Ok, ready for just a couple spoilers? Here we go.

    So, this is a standard wizard tower crawl with some very cool twists and traps. There are Black Pudding Knights (which are super cool), a symbiotic mass that makes the wizard who is the antagonist more powerful. This mass, known as NITNAM, engulfs the top of the wizard tower and can even lift off of it! There is a room with zero gravity with monsters (won’t say what) launch themselves from the ceiling to get at the adventurers and suffer no penalties on attacks while the adventurers aren’t so fortunate… There is a great room with some fun riddles and a host of other really fun encounters.

    Overall, although I haven’t run this yet, after reading through it a few times, this looks like it will be one of my favorite adventures to run. I can’t recommend it enough (particularly if you can get it at the $7.99 price) and as soon as I have time and get over a cold I just contracted, I will be doing a video review of it.


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