Introducing the Mini-Dungeon Assistant!

Find the perfect adventure! Select your preferred level, party size, environment, undead, monsters, traps, puzzles, riddles, and more.

The Adventure Assistant ( is an interactive web application designed specifically for the Mini-Dungeon Tome. Now you can browse details for every adventure in the book or search for your perfect adventure from the Mini-Dungeon Tome by criteria including game system, level, party size, environment, and whether the adventure should include undead encounters, traps, or puzzles and riddles.

Each adventure is detailed in the application including a preview map (with map pack ID), location in the book, a snippet of the adventure introduction, and full details about the adventure including special preparation instructions for encounters and traps (including page numbers for each in the book). The display is formatted for convenience and presents color coding to match the Mini-Dungeon Tome layout, a series of at-a-glance icons indicating what the adventure includes, and a design to note the environment of the adventure.

We hope you find this tool useful and that the functionality makes it easier to find that perfect adventure from within the Mini-Dungeon Tome’s massive collection.

Don’t have the Mini-Dungeon Tome yet? Get it here!

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