Quorron is the blacksmith in Rybalka and has been so for over thirty years, long before the Klavekians took possession of the lakeside village. Mayor Igor Leonid keeps a close eye on Quorron, but so far the dweorg has proven trustworthy and uninterested in local politics. The dwarven blacksmith provides general smithy services including weapons & armor construction and repair. Quorron the Rybalkan Blacksmith is truly an artist when it comes to weapon and armor crafting though he would never admit it. He is a rough and tumble dwarf who hails from the city of Embla (Rise of the Drow).

After learning his trade in Embla, Quorron spent many years in the deep ice caves under the Vikmordere Mountains, meditating and waiting for a vision, he finally heard the dwarven god calling out for him to serve in Rybalka, the village of the Upperworlders adjacent to the Lake of the Great Serpent. Quorron never speaks of his homeland to anyone and there are two reasons for this: firstly, as a dweorg dwarf, it is forbidden to reveal one’s homeland to an outsider unless the dwarven homeland is under attack and needs assistance. Secondly, Quorron is an outcast and was banished from his homeland after killing his uncle in a dispute over rights to the family forge.

Quorron has never cared for politics or gossip and believes that “might makes right.” This is why he holds no qualms over the new claim-holders on Rybalka. The Klavekians defeated the Vikmordere (Quorron’s former employers) with brute force. Therefore, with Quorron’s “might makes right” philosophy, the Klavekians have every right to own this land.

When dealing with customers Quorron is short and to the point, ignoring small talk entirely and working tirelessly to appease his clients.


Quorron’s Quests

Quorron sometimes hires trustworthy adventurers and mercenaries to perform various quests which typically have something to do with ore, metal, crafting techniques, or his customers’ orders. He is short and to the point when offering up a quest and doesn’t like a lot of questions.

Quorron’s Quests are ideas submitted by YOU!
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  1. Contagion

    Quest Type


    Quest Background

    Despite the proximity to Serpent Lake, the village of Rybalka relies on a small stream for their water supply. The water is collected in the spring and summer months then stored until winter.

    What if someone maliciously slipped something into the water?


    It starts with some of the townsfolk having minor mishaps such as bumping their heads on things and falling down stairs.

    Then the hunters employed by the village start having bad luck. The animals seem to always spot them and run away. The few times the hunters are able to get off a shot they end up breaking their bow strings or slip and fall down steep embankments.

    Eventually even Quorron the local Blacksmith begins to suffer from the bad luck and it shows in his poor craftsmanship. Quorron being a stalwart perfectionist is enraged at the recent down-spiral of bad luck plaguing the village.

    Quorron realizes that everyone in the village in being affected by this, but newcomers to the village seem to be fairing just fine. There must be a connection.


    The PCs seem to be affected by the strange goings on as well. After some searching and questioning, it turns out that the only thing everyone has in common is that they have all been drinking the water that was collected last spring.

    After following the stream to the spot where water is normally collected, clues point upstream toward Dark Wood.

    Is some new threat in Dark Wood poisoning the water?

    Is it some kind of natural phenomenon?

    Dark Wood

    Between the collection point and the edge of Dark Wood, a large golden jug is found in the water. This jug is covered in strange arcane symbols and appears to be made from an alien material. (If spells are used on the jug the PCs discover that it was forged on Baator and is a [i]Flask of Curses[/i].)

    This flask of curses and the liquid contained inside has contaminated the drinking water.

    The curse gives the drinker, or in this case the town of Rybalka, a -2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks until remove curse is cast on them.

    Removing the Curse

    Removing the contagion is the easy part. The flask must simply be removed from the water.

    How will the PCs help all of the afflicted villagers?

    There’s only a smattering of clerics, not enough to cure the entire village.

    Mastera Library

    Maybe there’s an answer in the library?

    It turns out that a particular variety of Snowberry, when mixed with Cheldwood Bark and prepared as a tea, helps by removing the curse for 1 day. After this time has passed the ill effects of the curse return. Holy Water also aids in removing the curse, albeit for 1 day as well.

    This temporary relief does assist the overworked Clerics and gives them time to prepare additional spells.

    The down side? This particular species of Snowberry tends to grow near areas of dire boar populations. Unless the PCs are amazingly stealthy, unlikely given the effects of the curse, they will have to face a small herd (3-5 depending on level) of dire boars.

    The Cheldwood Trees which provide the bark grow in high elevations on the edge of dangerous cliffs overlooking Serpent Lake. The PCs will have to carefully scale the edge of cliff waves to shave off enough of the bark to help the village.

    Some townspeople may become hostile toward the party if there seems to be any (perceived) favoritism as to who receives the remove curse spell or the Snowberry/Cheldwood Bark Tea

    After everything has returned to normal one question still remains: How did the flask get into the stream in the first place?


    The PCs have remove the flask and are working to help remove the curse. Soon the village of Rybalka should return to normal.


    The PCs now have a flask of curses. They could destroy it, find a potential use for it, or sell it to Sage Yuri Statel for 500-1500 gold pieces.

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