Mayor Igor Leonid – Igor Leonid is the Mayor of Rybalka and originally hails from Mohkba, capital city of the Klavek Kingdom.

Village Guard – The 10 guards who protect the fishing village of Rybalka from the dangers of the wilderness.

Wvolf of the Village Guard – Rybalkan resident long before the Klavek Kingdom ousted the Vikmordere. Wvolf is a wilderness ranger whom now serves the Rybalka Village Guard.



the Black Bears – Rybalka’s original mercenary group comprised of former Rybalkan War veterans.

Juriendor – High Priest of the Rybalka Cathedral.

Yuri Statel – Local Sage and owner of Mastera Library, Yuri is an expert of all things magical and alchemical although he does not publicly advertise his services.

Quorron – A dwarf Vikmordere defect and the local blacksmith, he runs the Rybalka Forge with an iron fist and a silent tongue.

Fin Starling – Owns the Thirsty Serpent Tavern and peppers adventurers with legends of hidden ruins and buried treasure.

Landore Bugg – A collector of useless junk, Landore owns and operates an establishment named Bugg Inn.

Sulwotik – Owns “Sulwotik’s Spirits” and was originally a tribal shaman of the Snoqua Vikmordere tribe.



Claudette Vanderbilt – A flirtatious widow in her late 40’s, Caludette holds a very dark secret.

Beatrice Sweet – The wife of Terrance, Beatrice is in her late 60’s and is constantly dreaming of her four children who left this land years ago to marry and start families of their own.

Terrance Sweet – Terrance hails from the old school, a local retired fisherman who hums fishing tunes and wears a cap to cover his bald spot. He can usually be found working in his outdoor shop or out on the lake fishing in his skiff. Terrance’s wife is Beatrice.



Cual Beartooth – The only living man to have taken up residence in the horrific Dark Wood and survived.

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