Brunhilda Flora

Alin’s Almanac: Brunhilda

There was a queen who resided over Serpent Lake,
Whose like no one knew of anywhere.
She was exceedingly beautiful and great in physical strength.
She shot the shaft with bold knights — love was the prize.

An old saying about Brunhilda, passed down for generations through the Vikmordere tribes, this flower and plant are heavily used and greatly revered throughout the Vikmordere Valley.

Brunhilda Flower

Found. In arctic climes or anywhere that snow is on the ground more than half the year. Typically found along Serpent Lake, growing near the ruins of “the Ancients”, the supposedly advanced but emotionally and spiritually primitive ancestors of the Vikmordere people.

Appearance. Bunched globes of lavender-grey flowers with yellow-tipped stigma on a tree-trunk-textured, brown hearty yet semi-hollow stalk with long, sheep ear-sized green leaves.

Fragrance. The iron of spilt blood expertly blended by the gods with the perfume of a goddesses’ allure.

Uses. A wreath crafted from 9 floral globes and 2 holly berries, hung on any water fairing vessel grants advantage on Initiative when taking part in naval combat. This advantage persists as long as the wreath remains undamaged or until the flowers begin to rot and fall away (1d2+1 days). Only one wreath may be used in such a way per month.

Combination. When forty globes of these flowers are severed from their stalks and mashed into a large iron pot, mixed with mead (or ale), boiled for two hours, then left to ferment for 92 days a drink the Vikmordere call “shieldmaiden’s revenge” is concocted. Four such doses are created with this receipe (10 globes per dose). When consumed by any female humanoid before battle, this elixir grants advantage on any melee attacks made within the first 1d4+2 rounds. Males consuming the drink are affected as per the bless spell for 1d4 rounds.cated. Perhaps an adventurous herbalist will find a wonderous combination someday!


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