AAW Games LLC is hiring!


Map example by Tommi Salama

Map example by Tommi Salama


AAW Games / seeks a cartographer who is professional and punctual. Former experience not required but highly recommended as we have a very fast-paced schedule. Please only apply if you are familiar with the works of Todd Gamble, Rob Lazzaretti, or Jonathan Roberts (and aspire to become as good as them).

  • Able to make maps for digital and print production (understand the needed resolution, color mode and so forth). Map types will include dungeons, caves, ships, overland maps, and more!
  • Capable of keeping up with a very rigorous release schedule.
  • Creating layered works, thus able to produce Player, GM and VTT versions from the same map.
  • Ability to create maps using multiple methods (drawing tablet, Photoshop, real photographs, etc.)
  • Understanding of vector graphics a plus - able to make titles, labeling and such in Illustrator or similar program.
Note: This is a freelance position with steady work lasting a year or more.
Apply for this position by sending a list of companies with whom you have worked and a sample of your work to Jonathan-(at)