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d100 Swamp Finds

A  list of 100 found objects, unexpected sights, and strange encounters for your players to discover whilst trekking through the muck, mire, and treacherous waterways of the swamp.

Written by John Teehan

What mysteries and danger await within the swamp?

When your player’s characters are forced to traverse a swamp, you know things are about to get weird, wet, and creepy. Swamps really do represent the whole circle-of-life concept where growth and decay exist side by side.

Swamps can be tricky to traverse given the many types of terrain and waterways. While some wetlands have fairly sturdy ground built upon centuries of layers of moss and rich soil, others are brackish waterways concealing many dangers. Channels through some swamps may have little to stand on save clumps of above-water roots and patches of grass with muddy soil.

The twisted trees grow in a tangle of branches and vines, competing for precious sunlight, but shrouding much of the ground in darkness. Who can’t help but feel a little uneasy?

Add to all of that slimy lichens, wet moss, suspicious fungi, and other exotic vegetation that could come alive at any moment, swamps surely aren’t for the faint of heart.

Characters traveling through your swamp may come across all manner of strange objects and sights. Some innocuous, some wondrous. Some mundane, and some inexplicably magical.How to use this list

This list of 100 things to find in a swamp is yours to use the next time your player’s characters make that unforgettable, wet journey across the marsh. Whether they’re treading carefully across damp, mossy earth, or wading hip-deep in waters hiding vicious creatures, this list gives them many additional items and sights to experience.

Review the list and pick out some favorites for your next campaign or take a chance and roll a d100.

Every fifth listed item is something more memorable if you want to get straight to the exceptional stuff, in that case, just roll a d20 and multiply by five to see what your players find.

d100 Swamp Finds

1. The rotting remains of a wooden barge. The wooden parts are weak and will not support much weight. The metal parts are rusted. The whole thing is covered with a slippery green sheen. It is home to numerous snakes.
2. A broken wooden wagon wheel. It looks maybe a month old. There are no roads nearby.
3. A frog wearing a tiny little crown. It swims or jumps away and disappears before it can be caught.
4. An old boot filled with brackish water. If players really dig into it, there are three gold coins in the toe.
5. A small stone that gives off a continuous soft greenish light. This is a permanent effect and is non-magical.
6. A severed skeletal hand (left) holding a more-recently severed hand (right).
7. A length of rusty chains hanging from a thick branch.
8. A moss-covered elf skull wedged in where a branch meets its tree.
9. A fixed illusion of a candle set atop a rotten log. Its flame gives off a soft light but emits no heat. Only a powerful spell of dispelling magic will cause it to disappear.
10. A simple straw broom. It gives off a magical aura. All it really does, though, is sweep better than any broom you’ve ever seen.
11. A sealed scroll case. Inside is an irritated venomous snake.
12. Buried in mud and grass, three alligator eggs.
13. A perfectly spherical ball of white marble measuring about a foot in diameter.
14. A rusted metal shopping cart. (I mean, why not? Have you ever seen a swamp without a random shopping cart stuck in it?)
15. A silver whistle that summons the nearest hostile creature.
16. The skeletal remains of a dwarven warrior. Its weapons and armor are all in varying stages of decay.
17. A bird on a nearby branch looks at the party, utters the word “Oops!” then flies off.
18. Vines producing white flowers surround an old tree. The scent is sweet and comforting.
19. A dwarven handaxe is sticking out of a tree. There are remains of hemp rope tied about its handle.
20. Characters hear a muffled sound coming from the ground. A little digging reveals a gold coin showing the head of a man who is always singing. The coin emits a loud operatic song in an unknown language that never, ever ends. Ever. High-level magic will remove the effect. Attempts to otherwise melt or destroy the coin are unsuccessful.
21. A hangman’s noose hangs ominously from a nearby tree branch. The rope is new and fresh. There are no signs of recent travelers.
22. Walking along, the ground makes a wet burping sound, and a small pouch filled with 30 gold (or silver) coins appears from beneath the visible surface. It’s damp and muddy but in otherwise good condition. There is no trap here. Nothing more than a previously buried bit of treasure appearing because swamp gasses have been slowly pushing it upward, and the presence of the party was just enough to reveal it. The ground is very soft but will take normal-weighted players just fine.
23. An old skeleton key, balanced upon a rock which in turn is balanced on a log which sits level upon the skeletal remains of a gigantic lizard-like creature (T-Rex)
24. A tree stump with a dozen arrows sticking out of it.
25. A perfect doppelganger of one of the party members hangs from a tree by a noose. As soon as any character touches it, the doppelgänger turns into water. Anyone caught in the splash zone will experience significant feelings of dread for the foreseeable future.
26. An empty wine bottle. Empty, that is, if you don’t count the rib bone. Expert, specialized knowledge might recognize it as the rib bone of a young female elf.
27. A large sack of old rabbit remains.
28. A ceremonial dagger with gold and pearl inlays. Valuable, but useless in a fight.
29. A heavy iron helm of the sort worn by dwarves a thousand years ago. Rust spots adorn it, but otherwise surprisingly durable and even wearable once cleaned.
30. Three spectral witches surround a spectral cauldron. They talk about some event that will happen to the party in the near future. As soon as the party interacts with them in any way, the ghostly figures shimmer away.
31. A porcelain teapot. Dirty and filled with muck, but in good condition.
32. A large petrified egg.
33. A wooden basket on which grow numerous mushrooms.
34. A tree festooned with bright purple flowers.
35. A strange clockwork humanoid-shaped figure is sprawled on the ground. It’s made entirely of wood—wood which has decayed to the point of pure interoperability. It’s impossible to make out how it worked because it’s so rotted and wet.
36. A feral chicken.
37. A deer hide stretched between two trees.
38. A large cast-iron cauldron half-filled with brackish water. At the very bottom is a human finger with a silver ring (non-magical).
39. A pile of enormous feathers in the middle of a jump of grass forming an empty, abandoned nest.
40. A silly-looking mud creature comes out of the ground and attacks the party. It does very little damage but is impervious to physical attacks. Fire or ice spells will slow it down, but as it’s bound to this area, players can simply move out of range and continue on their way.
41. A bag of squirrel bones
42. A pile of smooth stones carefully stacked 10-high.
43. The image of a sword floating in a pool of green water. It’s an illusion, and disturbing the water makes it disappear.
44. Fifty or so small peep toads chirp loudly inside a hollowed-out log. It’s very crowded in there, and the acoustics make them very, very loud. Repeated banging on the log will gradually break up the party and quiet things down.
45. A small wooden bowl floats in a pool of brackish water. Water that is placed in the bowl is purified, and any poisons are removed.
46. A hat. Looks kind of new.
47. An impenetrable wall of thorny vines 10 feet high, 20 feet thick, and stretching across the players’ path for a good mile in both directions.
48. A leash for a three-headed dog?
49. A decaying hand reaching up piteously from the center of a bog. Should the party investigate further, they may find a remarkable preserved (but still dead) merchant robbed of his valuables.
50. A jeweled chalice sits in a clearing. Sun (or moon) light shines down on it in a majestic shaft of light. It gives off a magic aura. It’s power? Summoning a majestic beam of glowing light. Outdoor use only.
51. A rotted wooden crate covered with moss and glowing white mushrooms.
52. Small blue flowers hanging from vines that make little bell-like sounds when disturbed.
53. A bird whistles a portion of a well-known piece of church music then flies off.
54. A broken drum.
55. A long-forgotten skeleton wearing rotting leather armor sits propped up against a tree. Around its neck is a compass that always points to danger.
56. A half-buried hurricane lamp. Water has leaked into the oil reservoir, and the wick is waterlogged.
57. A large boulder sits improbably in the middle of the swamp. It weighs as much as one would expect, but also floats in the water. It’s too large to get far, though, given brush and trees.
58. A skillfully stuffed squirrel dressed as a wizard.
59. A small, waterproof pouch filled with a dry, white powder. (Chalkdust)
60. Spiders. Ohmigod. So very many little black spiders start attacking from every direction. They get inside clothes and armor. They bite. Not deadly, but enough bites will slow a character down for 24 hours. Killing them only attracts more. The only strategy is to move out of the area. It would be a shame if a DM put something intriguing there for the players to investigate.
61. A torn leather map depicting the area between the nearest settlement and this area of swamp.
62. A leather-bound journal with severe water damage. Unreadable. If restored by magic, it reveals the writings of a bard who has gotten lost in this swamp and fears is being followed by something hungry and evil.
63. A small, flat-bottomed boat. It can hold two people but will break if used in any way other than gently.
64. A rusty sprung bear trap. In its metal jaws is the foot of some kind of humanoid.
65. A small pool of water gives off a comforting glow. Within 15 feet of its edges is a very calming version of a zone of truth.
66. In the branches of a tree are signs of people having taken refuge there for a long time. There are old claw marks up and down the trunk of the tree.
67. Two left shoes made of leather. They’re high-quality shoes, but covered in muck and filled with mud. Inside one shoe is a small fragment of bone.
68. A doll’s head just…just laying there out in the open.
69. An unexpected and unseasonably cold breeze that lasts a full minute.
70. A long broad pipe peaks out of a leather bag. It’s in good condition. When used with any tobacco, there is a 50% chance the smoke reveals whispy versions of places known to the smoker and what is currently happening there. User can attempt this three times a day, but can only have one success.
71. Out of all the surrounding trees, there is one that is absolutely covered in cobwebs.
72. A large, locked wooden chest containing several sets of fine clothing wrapped in waterproof canvas.
73. A full, complete skeleton of a draft horse covered in moss.
74. A single footprint of an improbably large three-toed creature.
75. Stuck in the ground is a mysterious wand. Any player can use it. It has one unrecoverable charge. Its spell is unknown. (DM’s discretion)
76. A pamphlet describing the next settlement or structure the players are going to.
77. The ground gives way to a sucking bog that begins to drag everyone under!
78. The smell of rotten eggs.
79. Set atop a log is an hourglass with no sand and a small note that reads, “Time is running out.”
80. A fearsome creature of muck and mud rears out of the ground, towers over the party, lets out a mighty roar, then collapses and disappears.
81. A sealed, water and air-tight box containing dried meats and fruits.
82. 13 walnuts arranged in a circle on the ground.
83. An empty quiver hanging from a tree branch. A bird is living inside.
84. A glass jar with a sealed lid. If the jar is broken or the cover is removed, the party hears a burst of hideous laughter that fades away after a few seconds.
85. A body is found tied to a tree. It’s long dead, and its chest is full of arrows as if it were the subject of an execution. On a finger is a cursed ring. Those accompanying the wearer suffer disadvantage on _all_ rolls until the player is dead. (The wearer does not suffer the same penalties. The ring can only be removed by death, cutting off the finger, or potent magic.)
86. A crude humanoid figure erected on a stake made of dried vine and mud blocks the way. A warning?
87. A feral black cat in a tree.
88. A small harp with no strings.
89. An unsuccessful campfire setup.
90. A goblin skull sits on the ground. Scratched in the dirt before it is the word “ask.” The skull will answer three questions (in goblin) at DM’s discretion before crumbling into dust.
91. A gold coin nailed into a tree.
92. A pile of dead fish. Probably not more than a day old.
93. A flock of crows sit on nearby trees and begin cawing loudly as the party approaches. A random party member’s name can be heard among the cawing. Then the crows all take off at once and fly away.
94. A small, long-forgotten stone shrine to a moon deity.
95. A vial of blue liquid is hidden in a hole in an old tree. Most likely, some kind of healing potion.
96. An eyeball to an unknown creature floating in a pool of black water.
97. An old steel gauntlet sized for something much larger than human.
98. A bolt of linen decorated with gold thread. The outer layers are pretty much ruined, but the inner parts are salvageable.
99. The remains of a shark-like creature approximately 10 ft long.
100. On an old, large tree are carved all the party members’ names who are not elves. Any members who have died have been crossed out. Any members who are just missing have a check next to their name.

Have fun mucking about in the muck!

d100 Forest Finds

d100 Mountain Finds

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New Website, New Options at

AAW Games and have merged into a single site with an improved subscription model and a storefront that’s much easier to use and navigate.

Now, with a subscription, you’ll get $10 Store Credit/month, 10% off all purchases, and access to our PDF flipbook collection. This includes the ability to save up credit, purchase hardcover books, and more.

We went through our entire online store and added detailed information on every product so you may quickly and easily sort by game system, product type, and level. For example, if you want a D&D 5E, Fantasy Grounds module for level 11 characters, you can search for just that then look over the results. This saves you from having to dig through hundreds of releases looking for something suitable for your next game night.

If you currently have a subscription with us, we’ll need to help you upgrade your account. Please contact us via Discord or email to get that process started. Don’t worry, we’ll be right here beside you through the entire conversion procedure. It’s easy and painless!

We’ve moved customer service primarily over to Discord so we can help you faster than ever before.

We hope you enjoy the new site! Remember to subscribe and get the most out of AAW Games.

Summary of this post:

  • New website combines AAW Games +
  • New subscription = $10 Store Credit/month, 10% off everything, + PDF Flipbooks
  • Search by game system, format, and level


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AAW Games is looking for #dnd GMs to run games at Gen Con 2020 (online)

Welcome fellow Game Masters!
Do you like to have fun and get free stuff?

AAW Games is looking for GMs to run Dungeons & Dragons 5e compatible games at Gen Con 2020 Online, which takes place from July 30th to August 2nd, 2020. 

We have selected 6 fantastic adventures from our award-winning Mini-Dungeon collection.
As a GM, you will receive everything you need to smoothly run your adventure plus a bonus reward for participating in this historical online Gen Con.

What adventures are available to run?
We’ve selected six adventures that cover a wide range of levels and themes.
Level 1: The Aura of Profit
Levels 2-3: Buried Council Chambers
Level 4: The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove
Level 5: Sepulchre of the Witching Hour’s Sage
Level 6: The Lapis Maiden of Serena Hortum
Levels 6-7: Tiikeri’s Revenge

How can I run the adventures?
Each of the selected adventures has a full color PDF and is also Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity compatible. You may run this in any fashion so long as permitted by Gen Con Guidelines. This also includes platforms such as Discord, Zoom, etc.

How do I sign up?
First and foremost, register at Gen Con!
Then send an email to by July 19th and include the following information:
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you whitelist the above email address, otherwise our replies will likely end up in your spam folder!)

  • Name of chosen adventures
  • Time slots and alternate time slots you’d like to run the adventures
  • Email address you used to register at Gen Con
  • Platform(s) you are using to host your games (Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Zoom, etc.)
  • Email address you’ve used for your platform(s) (Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Zoom, etc)
  • Do you need pre-generated characters? We have six pregens levels 1-6.

Final Steps
Once we receive your email, we will confirm your details and register the event. Please do not register the event yourself, as we’d like to have unified and consistent messaging. Once registered, you will receive everything you need to run your event.

Once your games have been confirmed, feel free to promote your games on social media, tagging AAW Games wherever you may go!

Happy Gen Con 2020!

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New Release! Earl Grey, Hot

After two years of away missions, we’ve just released Earl Grey, Hot. A bit of a parody paying homage to my favorite show of all time.

Special thanks to Michael Allen and Colin Stricklin our fearless authors, Len O’Grady whose art is legendary, Justin Andrew Mason for cranking out some of the best cartography I’ve ever seen him do, Thomas Baumbach for dedicating a portion of his valuable time to craft a beautiful layout, and Roxanne Thompson for all her hard work on the back end, prepping this masterpiece. There’s so much good stuff in these pages, I hope you take the time to pick up a copy (PDF & Print) and run your players through this great adventure for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game!

Please take a moment to beam up to the mothership and check out the digital version on your PADD or engage and jump to warp visiting DriveThruRPG to pick up one of two available versions in print!

Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games


Earl Grey, Hot


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RELEASED TODAY! Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition

Adventureaweek.comDELVE DEEPER.

Nearly a decade in the making, Rise of the Drow is the most detailed underground adventure & setting book ever published.

5th Edition compatible, 552 pages
Underworld Adventure & Setting
Levels 1-15 (16-20 with exploration)


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Mother May’al, High Priest of Vasi

Mother May’al is one of the high priests of Vasi, once numbering 92 in number. She is an ancient being, infused with the essence of Vasi, the water goddess, over one-thousand years ago and now exists only to serve her goddess and bring water and life to the world of Aventyr. She has sworn an oath to her goddess not to directly interfere with the affairs of mortals but she does occasionally encourage or support others in their efforts to improve the overall well-being of the world.  

While she is an incredibly helpful and supportive individual, Mother May’al knows that life is an endless cycle and that while mortals hold great importance in a single life and lifetime existence, that water goes with the flow of things and does not act directly. Therefore, great and grandiose actions are not something the high priests of Vasi typically partake in and when, in history, this has occurred, a great reaction and pendulum shift swings things back in the other direction, therefore, she has discerned the best course of action is no action until the waters of change carry one in a particular direction out of requirement or necessity for survival.  

If adventurers approach Mother May’al asking for some kind of assistance, she is more than willing to provide a resting place in Vasi’s GrottoVasi’s Well (and waterclock), or whatever temple she may be occupying at the time. However, those with ill intent towards Vasi, her temples, or clergy are not welcome and will politely be asked to leave. If those individuals refuse, Mother May’al will summon numerous water elementals and water-based creatures to remove the interlopers.  

Healing is provided by Mother May’al to those faithful or reverent to Vasi at no cost. She does not believe in monetary gain and accepts only gifts for the temple that bring knowledge and internal growth such as ancient texts, prayer books, meditations, and the like. 

Mother May’al has the ability to convert any cleric or paladin into a follower of Vasi. Paladins must take the Oath of Water. She also may convert any other class into a member of the Vasian clergy and grant 1 free level of cleric so long as the recipient is honest about their intentions and agrees to follow only the path of the cleric for the rest of their life, dedicating all their energy and efforts in promoting the will of Vasi and spreading her good name upon Aventyr 

Within the next 1d4+4 years, Mother May’al plans on starting her transition from Aventyr into the realm of Vasi in the planes, becoming a high proxy of the goddess and interfacing directly with the other high priests still operating within Aventyr. She has garnered an agglomeration of wisdom so great it cannot be further contained within a mortal brain, thus the request for the transference of her spirit into the great cosmos of the planes.  

Mother May’al, Female Human Cleric 20, High Priest of Vasi
Medium (4’8″) Human, True Neutral (CR 20)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 135 (20d8)
Speed 30 ft. 

16 (+3) 10 (+0) 15 (+2) 13 (+1) 22 (+6) 14 (+2) 

Skills Arcana +7, Nature +7
Senses Passive Perception 16
Languages BaevonianChonian, Dwarven, Elven, Grekian, Halfling, Klavekian
Attacks Melee +9, Ranged +6, Grapple +3
Domains Water 

 DC  0  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 
Spells/Day 17 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4   


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Trulla’s Trovers

Formed 15 years ago from the remnants of two warring Baevonian tribes, Trulla’s Trovers are a semi-chaotic group of opportunists, tomb raiders, and vagabonds.

However, they are not fully chaotic nor evil, there is a structure to their group and a natural order to things that makes leadership and daily life more than palatable in the wilderness, in fact, it has become altogether peaceful for Trulla’s Trovers.

The Trovers, as they sometimes call themselves, live in a cool valley on the outskirts of civilization, just far enough from Baevonia Pass to guarantee their autonomy in day-to-day affairs. The Baevonian military permits them to exist on one condition, that any quality rare finds are brought to them first.

The Baevonians pay top coin for most magical treasures recovered from the depths of ancient Grekian ruins. The rest of the items are either kept by the Trovers to be used in their operations or stockpiled for future sale. The group has a contact in the pass who sells their goods for them, in fact, they work through many channels to move rare items plundered from dusty crypts into the pass and coin back to the group’s semi-secret hideout nicknamed “The Trove”, a tall structure of natural stone containing humanoid-made sandstone caves and concealed by the draping foliage of trees and vines.

The Trove is tucked into a cool valley where a river (or dry riverbed) meanders through the mountains on its way down toward Former Chonia.  

Trulla’s Trovers

Type of Group: Treasure Hunters
Typical Alignments: 
Symbol: Spade/shovel with a cross forming a “t” at the top, typically displayed as branding on leather armor, boots, etc.
Common Backgrounds: Criminal/Spy, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan/Guild Merchant, Outlander 
Basic Appearance: Wild-eyed with free-flowing and unkempt hair. Garments typical for traveling or surviving in the wilderness. Weaponry focuses primarily on bows and Grekian magic items, 1-shot wands and the like. Most living here appear happy and free without much worry or stress although that quickly changes when Trovers are delving into Grekian ruins and confronting the dangerous foes within.
Important People: Trulla, Golka, Dolm, Landon
Population: 119 

“The Trove” pop. 119
Each square = 10 feet 

1. The Approach

The dry rocks and sands of the Baevonian Mountains give way to rushing rivers and vegetation-laden valleys and corridors where shelter from the torrid afternoon sun can be found. A small path is spotted with a successful DC 12 Perception check, leading up to the edge of a tall plinth of natural stone (area 4) many hundreds of feet tall. 

Bear Traps. There is a cumulative 15% chance of encountering a bear trap buried in the sand for every 10 feet traveled between areas 1 and 4. Trovers know the way around these traps by heart and encourage newcomers to ask for assistance when coming or going. Bear traps cause 2d4 piercing damage when stepped upon and must be pried open using brute strength via a successful DC 20 Strength check or by utilizing a makeshift prying tool and a successful DC 16 Strength check. The traps are magically attached to the bedrock before being covered in sand and cannot be moved; if a character steps on a bear trap they are Restrained until they can open the trap.

2. Vasi’s River of Life

If the characters have not completed the Restoration of Vasi’s Waterclock
A dry riverbed cuts through the valley here and continues in the direction of former Chonia.

If the characters have completed the trials in the adventure Restoration of Vasi’s Waterclock
This water is blessed by Vasi herself and emerges via gates from the Elemental Plane of Water into Vasi’s Well, an ancient Vasian temple just a quarter-day’s travel from here. The riverbed was always here but this river seems to have sprung up overnight and the Trovers are quite anxious to meet whoever wields such wondrous power. Water consumed directly from Vasi’s River of Life heals 2d4 HP, the water becomes holy water if removed from the river in small amounts but only lasts for 1d4 hours before becoming normal water.

Holy Water

As an action, you can splash the contents of this flask onto a creature within 5 feet of you or throw it up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack against a target creature, treating the holy water as an improvised weapon. If the target is a fiend or undead, it takes 2d6 radiant damage.

3. Watchers in the Trees

At any given time, day or night, there are 1d4+1 scouts and 1-2 guards hiding in the trees and foliage, keeping watch for intruders or roaming monsters. 

Defenses. The guards each carry a small war horn at their side, if they come under attack, the horn is sounded as follows: 
Sounded Once = Under attack, but reinforcements are not needed.
Sounded Twice = Under attack, reinforcements* are requested.
Sounded Thrice = Under attack or imminent attack, reinforcements* are requested, wake the village, prepare all defenses.
Sounded Four Times = Retreat, abandon the Trove.
*Reinforcements arrive 1d4 rounds after the horn is sounded via the main entrance to the Trove and include another 1d4+1 scouts and 1-2 guards.

If the characters are hostile or appear otherwise threatening, the guards and scouts snipe them from the cover of the foliage and the trees (advantage with ranged attacks or ¾ to total cover, DM’s preference) while the adventurers likely get themselves caught in numerous hidden beartraps.

If the characters spot one of the scouts or guards hiding in the trees with a successful DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) check or anyone approaches the plinth, the Trovers reveal themselves (if the characters seem friendly) and approach the adventurers. The characters are questioned to make sure no one is immediately hostile or has any ill intentions toward Trulla’s Trovers. So long as everyone checks out, they are led around the hidden bear traps (area 1) and admitted to the village via a hidden entrance (area 4). The characters are urged to visit Golka, Landon, or Dolm to announce their arrival and possibly obtain some work. If the adventurers mention they are the ones that restored Vasi’s Waterclock, thereby creating this river, the Trovers immediately escort them into the Trove and introduce them to Golka. 

4. Entrance to the Trove

What appears to be a flat rock face is actually an illusion and once revealed to the adventurers may be entered normally. Those that cannot see through the illusion and are not being escorted through the entrance are at risk (DC 18 Dexterity Save) of stepping on one of many (obvious) beartraps which cause 2d4 piercing damage when stepped upon (see area 1, bear traps). The traps are easily avoided if one is able to see through the illusory entrance with a DC 22 Intelligence (Arcana) check. 
The walls on either side of this entrance have wonderful murals painted upon them, depicting Golka, Landon, Dolm, and Trulla herself on various local adventures and delves into Grekian ruins. In some scenes, they are spelunking into ancient caverns, and in others, fighting giant beasts deep underground, surrounded by Grekian pillars glowing with arcane runes. One scene, in particular, catches a new visitor’s eye: Trulla, just her silhouette standing alone atop the Trove, staring off in the distance as the sun sets. She stares out into the K’Naghi Savannah, in the direction of the Shining City and Valindar.

5. Nightmarket/Trovers’ Quarters

Here’s where, each evening, most of the residents visit the Nightmarket, a beautifully sewn-together patchwork of wooden crates, makeshift stands, and small push-wagons exude truly rustic charm and an almost carnival-like atmosphere. Travelers, locals, and residents visit each night to peruse wares from their fellow Trovers as well as share drinks and tell stories, sometimes into the wee early hours.

Light Orbs. Ancient Grekian light orbs float above the chamber, casting a magic blue aura over everyone and also, unbeknownst to the Trovers, causing all Intelligence (Arcana) checks to be made with advantage. 

Nightmarket Elixir. The drink of choice, nightmarket elixir is a highly alcoholic mix of local berries and Baevonian ale fermented into a potent and intoxicating formula. Consuming one such beverage gives a character +1 to Strength, -1 to Constitution, and 10 temporary HP for one hour; when two drinks (or more) are consumed, all attack rolls and physical skill checks and saves are made with disadvantage for 1 hour per drink consumed.

Magic Goods. The Nightmarket sells whatever goods Golka has decided aren’t worth selling or saving plus an array of local handmade goods, produce, and used expedition wares. This is an excellent place to stock up on half priced potions and oils. Some traveling adventurers make it a point to stop by and stock up before they undertake a dangerous journey or adversary. Very basic and rudimentary magic items, weapons, and armor can also be found here 33% of the time. 

Residents. The Trovers live and sleep in various excavated holes in the sandstone. As one gazes up, their breath is whisked away, hole after hole dug into the stone lead to different caverns where people laugh, talk, visit, and sleep. Grekian light orbs float throughout the hollowed-out plinth, all the way to the ceiling. Each cavern has an independent rope ladder that can be pulled up in the event of an attack. Over one-hundred archers with their own hidey-holes up above their prey have quite the advantage, yet another reason Baevonia chooses to ignore the existence of this village of outsiders. 

6. Blood Bath

An indentation in the rock holds enough space for water and area beneath and to the side, enough space for fire-making under a naturally formed bathtub. The water eats away at the rock when heating, bringing a red mineral out and into the water. This mineral, when put in contact with the skin prevents sun burns and even makes one resistant to fire and radiant damage but only for a single attack within the next 24 hours. Upper portions of this room are used for the storage of basic supplies.
Landon typically sleeps outside in the wilderness where he feels more at home but if there is a chance of attack at the Trove, Landon finds a spot near the fire to put down his bedroll and stay for the night.

7. Dolm’s Room

Dolm sleeps amid heaps ancient tomes and Grekian artifacts, spoils from various delves which were unwanted by the Baevonians and/or coveted by Dolm for the lore, stories, and mysteries they may contain. While the relics are mostly left unguarded; the Trovers have a loyalty to their brethren and leaders unheard of in most of Aventyr. It is an unspoken agreement that Trulla’s Trovers exist only because each person wills it so and thus, they are here. The moment the trust is broken, the entire group and everything they have achieved will be for naught. In all these years not a single Trover has broken this bond of trust although there are those who left the group to go their own way or for opposing views. All are welcome to join and also welcome to go. Almost everyone finds it a lucrative profession and one where each person can be their own boss. A broken dwarven chalice sits on a bedside table, the pieces appear to be carefully laid out as if on display. This is a chalice rumored to have been drunk from by the great dwarven god Balir himself, before he was a god. Dolm has been planning on reassembling the chalice but procrastinated for years, worrying he may foul something up and further damage the ancient artifact. If a simple mending spell is cast upon the chalice, it becomes whole again: The Chalice of Balir, Master of the First Forge. At the sight of this, Dolm nearly passes out from joy and excitement (10% chance). He holds whoever has repaired this artifact in the highest of regards and touts them as heroes to all dweorg (dwarves) of Aventyr. He even lets them borrow the chalice but only if they are extremely careful with it and bring it back within one week.

Chalice of Balir

Wondrous item, legendary
When authentic dweorg ale brewed by a true brewmaster is drunk from this chalice, the imbiber suddenly knows how to forge weapons and armor and with the proper high-quality dweorg (or Grekian) ore and materials can craft +1 weapons and armor. If the imbiber is dweorg they may craft +2 weapons and armor. Finally, if the imbiber is a dweorg and already a blacksmith they may forge +3 weapons and armor. DweorgGrekian ore is extremely expensive and exceedingly rare in the modern world, typically selling for somewhere around the same price as adamantine and having the same properties in addition to being considered magical once crafted.

Grekian Ore

5,000-7,000 GP per lb. 
This cost does not include blacksmith labor.

Grekian Armor (heavy), very rare
Any critical hit against you becomes a normal hit. The armor can only be damaged through extreme means e.g. bite of a dragon, extreme fall from hundreds of feet, dropped into pervasive acid, etc.

Grekian Weapons, very rare
Grekian ore is an ultrahard metal, seemingly magical metal found and originally used by the ancient Grekians but actually used by the dweorg centuries before humans discovered it. In addition to being used to craft armor, the metal is also used for weapons. Melee weapons and ammunition made of Grekian ore are extremely effective when used to break objects. Whenever a Grekian weapon or piece of ammunition hits an object, the hit is a critical hit.
Whenever a natural 20 is rolled whilst using a Grekian weapon in melee combat, the wielder may choose to either do double damage as normal or break their opponent’s weapon (only non-magical/non-natural).

8. Golka’s Room/The Hoard

Golka the Legless sleeps in chambers fit for a queen but she doesn’t necessarily like it this way. The treasures that frequently fill this room are not hers and she prefers to sleep on the floor atop a giant mammoth fur that she’s had since she was a child. Her father, the former chieftain of the U’ulk Tribe gave her the fur as a gift upon returning from a great three-year-long journey to a distant land called “Klavek” where “soldiers made of metal, march upon the ice and snow”. She remembers him fondly and does not like to talk about what happened and why she is no longer with the tribe. It involves a dispute, the death of her father, and her fleeing her pursuers until she made a new friend and settled in here. About 25% of the time, there is 1d10x1000 GP value of Grekian coins and magic items in this room, they are protected with numerous magic wards and traps laid there by a Trover who is a skilled wizard (but you’d never guess it by his appearance). The hoard’s value can vary wildly depending upon how much has been moved to Baevonia Pass or if any recent hauls have arrived from diligent Trovers.

9. “Trulla’s Trove” Private Quarters

While Trulla is rarely home (15% chance per day), this is where she rests her head when present. Spending ninety-percent of the time in this room sleeping whilst here leaves her followers wondering what it is that she does when away. A successful DC 18 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals a small journal hidden beneath Trulla’s straw mattress. The journal is written in ancient arcane runes with hidden Grekian symbols which can be translated into words and eventually to the common tongue if one is well versed in both arcana and ancient Grekian and a successful DC 25 Intelligence (Arcana) check is made (if failed cannot try again). The journal details Trulla’s activities, but for who? She has recorded the following missions but each entry is only a few words once translated (redact whatever you wish):

Trulla’s Journal Entries

  • Follow the Klavekian wizard and find out what she’s doing in Baevonia
  • Spy on Chonian, Waychon
  • Obtain information on the Baevonian general and various high-ups
  • Visit Mother May’al at Vasi’s Grotto
  • Locate ancient gateways in tunnels beneath the “Great Wall” (a mighty 100’ tall wall that connects all the fortresses at Baevonia Pass)
  • Restore Vasi’s Fountain at the Gate of Bones
  • Spy on High Priest Katorn of the Axiomatic General

If the adventurers ask where Trulla is when she is away, she says “What does a trulla do?”; a riddle as “trulla” in the ancient Grekian language is “shovel” or “spade”, i.e. she is alluding to the fact she’s “unearthing things” perhaps literally or metaphorically. Other items hidden in Trulla’s room include a pair of sending stones each looking like a small spherical head of a balding priest, a scroll of carnivorous mushroom, and a deck of illusions, each requiring a successful DC 22 Intelligence (Investigation) check to locate. A small coin pouch is hidden inside the heel of a boot and can be found with a successful DC 25 Intelligence (Investigation) check. The pouch contains over 3,000 GP worth of small gems and jewels and a few Grekian coins so rare they are valued at 10,000 GP apiece. If Trulla catches anyone stealing her things or finds out about it, she follows from afar and then attempt to put the party to sleep with sleeping gas then kill everyone as they slumber away.  

Golka the Legless 

A green-skinned orcish crone with a peg-leg, Golka is still a formidable warrior but has trouble making her climbs into the mountains like she once did. Her face is eternally baked into a scrunched up half-grin her skin is cracked and mottled, thick from age and speckled like the shell of a tortoise. She cackles and chuckles frequently, moving about town in an odd fashion, sauntering wildly as if she could fall at any moment but somehow always managing to stay upright. If one gets on Golka’s bad side they’ll never live it down and while she won’t be outright wicked, she becomes quite terse and sharp, and increases/decreases prices depending upon the severity or frequency of the offense. On the other hand, she pokes fun and frequently tosses insults (and half-grins) at anyone she likes.  

Trovers still recount the tale of how Golka lost her leg, in a battle royale against a mother roc whilst trying to steal a roc egg from her nest. She had been hired to do the job but actually intended on keeping the egg to see if it would hatch and the hatchling trained, but the mother roc wasn’t having any of that and proceeded to tear off Golka’s leg! Nearly bleeding to death, Golka used a Grekian Firewand to cauterize the wound and somehow managed to grab the mother roc as she attacked and climb onto the beast. A spectacular battle took place, one that people still recount today where, after suffering countless injuries, Golka felled the great beast before it crashed to the ground and she was thrown from the bird. Trulla, who was with Golka when it happened, tended to her wounds and settled in to live here in the mountains. It took months before Golka was up and about again and even though she was moving quite well, it wasn’t good enough to make the trek out of the mountains so Trulla chose to remain here, teach the locals her trade, and look over her close friend.  

Golka welcomes any newcomers into the community suspiciously. She believes that humans use a lot of words but only actions mean anything in this world and thus, she judges a creature only by its actions and never the blathering nonsense spewing from the rambling mouth.  

Landon the Scout 

Joining Trulla’s Trovers nearly a decade ago, Landon discovered the group by accident. Being a ranger, he traveled the area extensively in search of the game that he would sell to soldiers traveling the pass. One day while descending into a cool valley he noticed the sky go dark, for but a moment, and realized a great bird of prey, larger than anything he had ever seen was circling above, perhaps stalking him. He took aim with his bow and in that moment, he would change his entire future, coming to meet two new friends and joining a group that continues to this day here in the valley. 

Dolm Dealthammer 

Originally hailing from the Underworld, this dweorg dwarf fighter is first and foremost an expert on Grekian coins, jewelry, and magic. He is an appraiser and a loremaster, his estimates typically fall within 10-15% in regards to accuracy e.g. a Grekian mace he appraised last week for 1300 gp recently sold to a shopkeep in Baevonia Pass for 500 gp and then the shopkeeper sold it to their customer for 1100 gp 


Trulla, the group’s leader, is an elusive woman, rarely ever seen or spoken to. There are actually some low-ranking Trovers who question if the woman truly exists but dare not do so in front of the others who are fervent followers, following as if they believe Trulla is some kind of god or divinely blessed being. While it is true that Trulla has brought life and prosperity back to those who have been discarded or walked away from society, she is not a god. She is, however, a very powerful and skilled rogue who has no equal either in Baevonia or former Chonia. She is only seen when she wants to be and has the ability to slip magically out of any bonds or cells that would hold her. She disappears whenever she wants to begone as if the darkness itself had wrapped her in its ethereal embrace. While away quite often, it is unknown what Trulla is doing when she is away but the Trovers never ask and she never tells.  

Trulla supports all who would leave the militaristic structure of Baevonian society and join her, but she asks that no negative actions or attacks are ever made, under any circumstances, against the Baevonian military or government. Even though she and her Trovers are wily with plenty of guile and could present a significant challenge to the Baevonians, she prefers things the way they are: a semi-symbiotic relationship for mutual gain and nothing more, nothing less.  

Joining Trulla’s Trovers 

Anyone is welcome to join Trulla’s Trovers so long as they adhere to a few simple rules.  

  1. Do not publicly speak poorly of or assault a member of the Baevonian military or government. 
  2. Do not harm another Trover unless that Trover has broken one of the three rules. 
  3. All treasures will be brought to Golka and Dolm to appraise. The appraised value is cut in half, then 20% of that value is kept by Trulla’s Trovers to cover operational expenses. 

The benefits of being a Trover are as follows: 

  1. All Trovers help each other out. If one is in a bind, they may request the help of any number of others to come to their aid so long as the matter involves retrieving loot from ruins. Each member added gets a cut of the loot recovered. 
  2. The Trovers retain a small amount of magical gear which they will lend out to assist other trovers in discovering and retrieving treasure. 
  3. If a unique and powerful magic item or artifact is sought on a mission, sometimes Trulla will approve sending one of her main operatives: Landon, Dolm, or Golka and provide funding in the form of cold hard coin and a smattering of minor magic items. 

Golka’s Quests 

If the group wishes to join Trulla’s Trovers and takes the pledge, Golka provides them with a plethora of dangerous quests to ruins peppered throughout the mountains and far beyond, some as far away as Valindar 

  • Herb Gathering – The first quest Golka sends anyone on (to find out if they are trustworthy) is a dangerous climb up a steep mountain frequented by territorial monsters in order to gather some leaves off a specific bush. It is insinuated that the Trovers are in dire need of these herbs found only on this one bush. As soon as the group returns with the herbs, Golka takes them, rips up the leaves, throws them into a pot of hot water and makes tea, offering some to the adventurers.  
  • Kobold Quarry – Kobolds living in old tunnels beneath one of the nearby mountains are sitting on a figurative gold mine of Grekian artifacts. According to an old map retained by Dolm, just beneath the kobold tunnels is a ruin site. When the adventurers arrive and breakthrough into the site, they find powerful slumbering undead and something quite… unexpected.  
  • Visit Rultmoork – The ancient Grekian fort has long been abandoned but there has been recent activity in the area and three Trovers were killed- a human, halfling, and a Prajnan gnome. The majority of their gear went missing before the bodies were found. They have sense been buried but answers are needed and Trulla has asked the adventurers to find whomever is responsible then bring them before her as she wants to “have a word or two with them”. Interestingly enough, a couple of days after the bodies were found, water began to flow from the mountain the old fort is situated upon. This information is given third hand as Golka is paraphrasing what Trulla wants while the party probably has never seen her.  
  • Enter the Sasquatch Cave – A hairy beast that eyewitnesses claim to be 20 feet tall supposedly lives in a cave down the river where a waterfall likely now cascades down toward Chonia. Golka wants the adventurers to check out the cave and see if there are any entrances to Grekian ruins there, her maps seem to indicate an important site to the Grekians somewhere in that area but no one will enter the cave out of fear for the sasquatch. When the characters arrive, they find the sasquatch is actually just a large growth of cave bacteria which sways in the breeze just inside the entrance to the cave where darkness creeps up and makes things appear more eerie than they are. There is an entrance to something of Grekian origin here but it is like nothing the adventurers, or the Trovers for that matter, have ever seen. 
  • New Path to Baevonia Pass – Rumor has it that after a recent earthquake, a new way to Baevonia Pass has opened up and will shave hours off the Trover merchant’s usual runs. Before Trulla’s Trovers are willing to send their precious merchants and traders down this path, they need the adventurers to investigate and clear the area of any dangerous monsters. Golka is wise in doing so, a large tribe of orcs has also discovered the path and has been pushing their investigative missions a bit further with each journey out from the orc tribe’s village bringing them increasingly closer to both Baevonia Pass and the Trove. 

Writing by Jonathan G. Nelson

Artwork by Dean Spencer & Mates Laurentiu

Cartography by Justin Andrew Mason


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Oath of Water (Vasi)

Oath of Water (Vasi)

Water, the one element required for life to survive and thrive; Paladins who have taken the Oath of Water understand this one universal fact and strive to bring life to barren wastelands. They are the first to brave the lifeless environs of the world and thus followed and supported by many, from all walks of life.

Tenets of Water

The tenets of the Oath of Water are not found in dusty old tomes or even spoken by those faithful to the water deities, these tenets are already present within each and every living being (should they stop and listen). It is ancient wisdom, predating civilization and even the formative world, it is an innate knowledge present in all water and thus, in life itself.

Share the Gift. Do not concern yourself with the quarrels of ordinary humanoidkind, there are no sides to take when it comes to basic survival. Share water with anyone and everyone you meet, create lasting bonds and encourage chivalry and community, for everyone needs water to survive.

Keep Natural Balance. When encountering an environmental oddity such as a bacterial microcosm subsisting on various elements without the need for water, do not interfere even if it would mean increasing water’s presence in the world. Water is wise and knows that without balance there is no life.

Restore and Defend. When it comes to providing water and restoring an environment, a paladin taking the Oath of Water is required to stay in the area and defend a new source of water from those who would stop the flow or prevent others from partaking in its abundance. Once a source is secured by those who would protect and share the water, the Paladin may move on.

Find the Blessed. Find those individuals in the world who had once perished by drowning but somehow, survived. Whether they know it or not, they are imbued with special innate wisdom and a direct connection to the elemental plane of water. By directly mentoring and converting these blessed people, they will bring life to the barren wastelands of the world.

Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.

Table: Oath of Water Spells

Paladin LevelSpells
3rdcreate or destroy water*, fog cloud
5thmisty step, snowball swarm
9thtidal wave, wall of water
13thcontrol water, watery sphere
17thconjure elemental**, maelstrom

*The paladin cannot destroy water.
**Water-based elementals only.

Channel Divinity

When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options:

  • Purify Souls. As an action, you can purify the blood of your allies, removing the Poisoned condition and 1 level of Exhaustion from yourself and every ally within 30 feet of you.
  • Water’s Blessing. As an action, you can summon healing mists, you and every ally within 30 feet of you is affected as if by the cure wounds spell for the maximum amount.

Aquarian Tendencies

Beginning at 7th level, you find you are at home in the water. Once per long rest, for 1 hour’s duration, a paladin of water is able to breathe underwater as if affected by the water breathing spell. In addition, while fully submerged in water, the paladin moves at normal speed and all armor, weapons, and gear are treated as if light as a feather for the duration. Additionally, while submerged, attacks on the paladin are made with disadvantage.

Emotional Wave

Starting at 15th level, you have the ability to change the tide of a battle by directly affecting the emotions of the combatants. Roll 1d4, 1-2 = allies morale boosted, attacks are made with advantage, 3-4 = enemies morale drops, attacks are made with disadvantage. This effect lasts for 1 minute and requires concentration. Emotional Wave can be performed once per long rest and does not affect aberrations, constructs, elementals, or undead.

Avatar of Water

Upon reaching level 20, you channel the very power of water through your being and are able to control water for up to 1d4x10 minutes per long rest. In addition, you are able to perform water walk or water breathing at will indefinitely.