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The Castles of Baevonia: Balance is in the Order of Things

The mountainous homeland of the Baevonian people, Baevonia is not merely a fortress city; it is an ideal given form, living proof that order is what carved the world, and order will restore it. “For Baevonia!” is the warcry, even for those beknighted clans deep in the Savathar Mountains who have only dreamt of one day seeing the Castle City. So tied are the people to their cause, so often do they speak of their mission, that travelers have come to know the peaks and valleys near the Castle City as the “Baevonian Mountains.” Continue reading The Castles of Baevonia: Balance is in the Order of Things

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The Tribes of Chonia: Order is in the Balance of Things

Chonians make camp.

Beneath the vast grasslands stretching away from Lake Chonia is a hive of underground rivers and aquifers that once fed the Grekian Sea upon which Old Grekia was built, known now to the Chonians as the Great Sea Beneath the Grass. When these hidden springs are all discovered and opened, the Chonians believe their combined flow will flood the arid savannah and rebirth the Great Sea, restoring life across the continent.

The Chonian tribes roam from Lake Chonia beyond the Stygian Weald into the savanna east of the mountains and into the riverlands of Pradjna. Each tribe lives in balance with a zevra herd. The herd and the Chonians travel as one, remaining in one place only long enough to draw forth an oasis from the Great Grass Sea. Once life is restored in a small region, the tribe moves on to leave nature to pursue its cycle.

An oasis on the open plains is a welcome sight for all life: flamingos, antelope, mudfrogs, legions of insects and the myriad critters to prey upon them. It is for the larger predators that it becomes safter to urge the zevra herd onto the arid steppe, away from the new oasis, before life erupts in the region. As the herd travels the Great Grass Sea, the zevra’s sensitive hooves feel for the next oasis beneath the grass dunes. Along the way, the Chonians survey the stars to better mark their path and improve their maps. When at last the zevra dance, the tribe knows to begin anew the task of encouraging an oasis. Continue reading The Tribes of Chonia: Order is in the Balance of Things

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War for Old Grekia: K’Tarik Sanctuary

A Chonian settlement in the contested foothills of Baevonia, K’Tarik is a sacred place, not only for the nearby cold mountain spring, but there is also a Grekian temple here. The locals are less welcoming of travelers to K’Tarik than elsewhere in Chonia, owing to the regular incursions from Baevonian war parties.

Continue reading War for Old Grekia: K’Tarik Sanctuary

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Disputed Territories: Old Grekia


From the Savathar Mountains in the north through the K’naghi Savanah and south to the Scorched Lands is a vast swath of dry hills, arid mountains, and rolling grasslands peopled by an equally wide variety of cultures. Cartographers love borders, and these many and varied places are routinely grouped into one colossal region known as the Disputed Territories. Much of this region’s history is bound to eternal competition for resources, particularly water. Nowhere is this history more apparent than at Lake Chonia, just north of the Baevonia Mountains, in a region scholars know as Old Grekia. Continue reading Disputed Territories: Old Grekia

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Trella’s Trovers, the Free People of Baevonia

mountain merchants

The Baevonian Mountain range is marked by hill forts, castles, and mountain gate fortresses that enforce borders and laws of the Baevonian people. Baevonian Law allows the region to deal in treaties and skirmishes, rather than survivorship and open war. But for some, the law is oppressive, be it through resource rights, commerce licensing, or travel restrictions. Trella’s Trovers are Baevonians who live at the fringe of Baevonian culture, a semi-organized group of opportunists, tomb raiders, vagabonds, and traders. The descendants of failed or declining Baevonian hill fort tribes, the trovers are wild-eyed warriors, cunning dealmakers, and above all, survivors who rely on no one but themselves.

Continue reading Trella’s Trovers, the Free People of Baevonia

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Mother May’al, High Priest of Vasi

Mother May’al is a high priest of Vasi. Once 92 in number, she is the last known high priest of Vasi remaining in Aventyr. She is an ancient being, nearly godlike herself, infused with the essence of the water goddess.  For over one-thousand years she has served Vasi to bring the balance of water to the world, though her oath of non-interreference prevents her from directly influencing world events. Continue reading Mother May’al, High Priest of Vasi