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Trella’s Trovers, the Free People of Baevonia

mountain merchants

The Baevonian Mountain range is marked by hill forts, castles, and mountain gate fortresses that enforce borders and laws of the Baevonian people. Baevonian Law allows the region to deal in treaties and skirmishes, rather than survivorship and open war. But for some, the law is oppressive, be it through resource rights, commerce licensing, or travel restrictions. Trella’s Trovers are Baevonians who live at the fringe of Baevonian culture, a semi-organized group of opportunists, tomb raiders, vagabonds, and traders. The descendants of failed or declining Baevonian hill fort tribes, the trovers are wild-eyed warriors, cunning dealmakers, and above all, survivors who rely on no one but themselves.

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Three Strongholds of Baevonia Pass

baevonia pass

Baevonia Pass

Baevonia Pass is a rocky northeast-southeasterly road with steep slopes and crags looming on both sides. There are three Baevonian strongholds that protect the pass from Chonians, orc hordes, and the dead from Valindar. Each of the strongholds charges a toll to pass; a tax is also imposed on all goods bought or sold within the confines of Baevonia. The fees are justified by the protection the strongholds and soldiers provide as well as the upkeep of the road itself and frequent patrols for orcs and monsters. 

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Archive: Baevonian War Camp

An Aventyr Adventures location for characters of any level.

General Glatmoor and the Baevonian army have set up a large encampment about 30 miles north of Lake Chonia in preparation for a final assault on the Chonians. 

The Baevonian force is currently comprised of 500 human foot-soldiers, a cavalry of 100 humans riding Chonian horses, 20 high-ranking Horntusk orcs, 10 high-ranking Baevonian officials, and General Glatmoor. The general is known as “The Impounder” for his knack of rounding up and corralling Chonians, prepping them for slavery or scheduled execution.  Continue reading Archive: Baevonian War Camp

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Tribal Troubles: The Alimpulosa

aaw-website - alimpulosa - sade p07 1 [only right side]The Alimpulosa
A vast territory of plains, badlands, and sandy dunes in the Disputed Territories are walked upon by the Ayaxan gypsies. These nomads are well-versed in the fierceness of the elements in the wild lands, but travelers can quickly be overcome by the whipping winds and scouring sands—or the dangerous creatures that lope through them.


A sandstorm reduces visibility to 1d10 × 5 feet and provides a –4 penalty on Perception checks. A sandstorm deals 1d3 points of nonlethal damage per hour to any creatures caught in the open, and leaves a thin coating of sand in its wake. Driving sand creeps in through all but the most secure seals and seams, chafing skin and contaminating carried gear.

Centuries of predatory behavior have been bred into the animals that wander the Alimpulosa, and they are the greatest threat brought by the sandstorms that whip through this part of the Disputed Territories. The strange magics at work across the realm sometimes color these tempests, making them even more dangerous than normal. The Ayaxan gypsies know the best ways to avoid the dangers of these different storms, better able to recognize them from afar. If tipped off about these anomalies by the nomads, PCs receive a +5 bonus to CMD against galestorms, and any Skill checks or saves made against the other kinds of sandstorms.

d100        Sandstorm Hazard
1-12         —
13-35       Predators on the Hunt
36-57       Shredstorm
58-78       Carrionstorm
79-100     Galestorm

These sandstorms have severe winds (30 to 50 mph) and last 1d4-1 hours (minimum 1 hour), taking up a 3d6 x 50 feet circle-radius that travels at a speed of 60 feet a round, from a random direction (roll 1d8) and moving in a straight line.

Predators on the Hunt     CR varies
The PCs are ambushed as the storm passes by them when creatures leap out of the clouded winds. Roll on the Random Encounter Table and give the party Perception checks (DC = 10 + monster’s Stealth) to determine if they are able to act in the surprise round.

Shardstorm      CR 2
Bits of stone and sharp shards of rock whip through the winds on these sandstorms, though curiously, they only cut those that bleed. Living creatures in a shardstorm must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or take 1d4 points of piercing and slashing damage while they are within its area of effect.

Carrionstorm     CR 4
Fell and foul, these sandstorms carry the detritus of corpses already swallowed up by the Alimpulosa. Rife with sickness, living creatures in a carrionstorm must make a save every 1d6 rounds against a disease (roll 1d6; 1 blinding sickness, 2-4 bubonic plague, 5-6 leprosy) which has an immediate onset. Once a living creature has saved from a disease in a carrionstorm, he is immune to that carrionstorm’s disease (though they might succumb to its other afflictions).

Galestorm     CR 5
Arguably the most dangerous of the strange sandstorms, these tempests carry random, extremely strong winds that can easily lift and throw even the stoutest of travelers. Once per minute, 1d4 creatures in a group (for every 5 total creatures, roll another 1d4; for a grouping of 10, 2d4, a grouping of 15, 3d4, and so on) are targeted by a barreling gale that comes from a random direction (1d8) and makes a bull rush attempt with a +18 CMB. Unlike normal bull rush attempts, on a success the creature is not just moved in the direction the wind blows, they remain aloft for 1 round per each 5 points the wind exceeded their CMD. For each round they remain aloft, a creature travels 20 feet, increasing by +20 feet for each successive round they are aloft. When a creature lands, they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per round they remain aloft (no save).

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Tribal Troubles: Ayaxan Lamp

Mythology_genie_s_lampAyaxan Lamp
Aura weak conjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 2,160 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This simple pewter lamp always leaks with a fine, cool mist and is chill to the touch.

An Ayaxan lamp is always filled with fresh, cool water when a creature goes to drink from it, but never spills out otherwise. Once per day, a creature drinking from the Ayaxan lamp heals 2d8+3 hit points.

Success on a Knowledge (geography) check to learn more about the Ayaxan lamp reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     These endless sources of drinking water are rarely new, and only originate in the Disputed Territories.
DC 20     Travelers that survive the long journey from the tumultuous lands in the east find these discarded items on the remains of other explorers across the long plains and endless dunes.
DC 25     The Ayaxan tribe—nomads that travel across the tribal lands in the Disputed Territories—make these enchanted lamps. Every Ayaxan family carries one, and many keep a second.
DC 30     Travelers that come across the wandering gypsies often receive an Ayaxan lamp as a gift. If they are unwise, rude, or otherwise unkind in return, the Ayaxans deign not to warn them of the many dangers to be faced in their territories. More often than not, they come across the Ayaxan lamps they’ve given away after a time.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, create water, cure moderate wounds; Cost 1,080 gp