Mother May’al, High Priest of Vasi

Mother May’al is a high priest of Vasi. Once 92 in number, she is the last known high priest of Vasi remaining in Aventyr. She is an ancient being, nearly godlike herself, infused with the essence of the water goddess.  For over one-thousand years she has served Vasi to bring the balance of water to the world, though her oath of non-interreference prevents her from directly influencing world events.


While she is an incredibly helpful and supportive individual, Mother May’al knows that life is an endless cycle and that while mortals hold great importance in a single life and lifetime existence, that water goes with the flow of things and does not act directly. Therefore, great and grandiose actions are not something the high priests of Vasi typically partake in and when, in history, this has occurred, a great reaction and pendulum shift swings things back in the other direction, therefore, she has discerned the best course of action is no action until the waters of change carry one in a particular direction out of requirement or necessity for survival.  


Introducing Mother May’al

Adventurers within May’al’s Grotto, Vasi’s Well, or even the temple spire of Rultmoork, may encounter Mother May’al, a soothing, calm personage, always ready to lend aid in small ways. She appears as a small, elderly woman with a ready, warm smile. She is patience with those who are initially suspicious of her, but her easy manner and calm persona usually serve to win over even the most paranoid of adventurers.

Though her patience is limitless, she will protect the places sacred to Vasi in Chonia. Those with ill intent towards Vasi, her temples and ruins, or clergy are politely and explicitly asked to leave. She summons a cadre of water elementals to enforce her will.

The Powers of a Demi-God

By all accounts Mother May’al is a mortal human woman, yet she has existed for thousands of years and displays a power beyond mere mortals. Though she will not hesitate to display her power, especially to those who doubt Vasi’s teachings, she is reserved in wielding it. Her vow of non-interference is paramount.

The high priestess will heal Vasi’s faithful, or those reverent to Vasi, at no cost (and with apparently little effort). She does not believe in monetary gain, though any gifts that bring knowledge or growth to Vasi’s holy places, such as ancient texts, prayer books, meditations and the like, are welcomed and cherished. But more than magic or spiritualism, Mother May’al offers guidance to those who seek Vasi’s balance, whether they know they seek it or not. 

Fallen paladins and wayward clerics often find mercy in the teachings of Vasi, though converting from one faith to another is often a quest unto itself. As a demi-god herself, Mother May’al has the ability to convert willing clerics or paladins. By taking the Oath of Lifewater, a lost soul finds itself empowered by the balance Vasi teaches. Clerics may swap their chosen domain for the Water domain, for as long as they embrace the balance.

Just as water is difficult to contain and flows where it will, guided by only the goddess’s hand, Mother May’al cannot be bound, no barricades can stop her, no shackles can restrain her. Those reverent to Vasi who meet Mother May’al can pray to her and gain a small fraction of this power.

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