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Trulla’s Trovers

Trulla's Trovers - blog social 2

Formed 15 years ago from the remnants of two warring¬†Baevonian¬†tribes,¬†Trulla‚Äôs Trovers are a semi-chaotic group of opportunists, tomb raiders, and vagabonds. However, they are not fully chaotic nor evil, there is a structure to their group and a natural order to things that makes leadership and daily life more than palatable in the wilderness, in […]

Vasi’s Waterclock

Vasi Waterclock blog

An¬†Aventyr¬†Adventure location for characters of any level.¬†¬† Long ago,¬†Vasi, the water goddess¬†was blessed with a divine gift, born of¬†Grekian¬†ingenuity and¬†Vasian faith. Built by her fervent followers, a world-clock running solely on water, ran for generations. Four wells, each holding a gate to the Elemental Plane of Water, fed the clock and kept the gears turning, […]

Mercuria, the Luck Goddess


Mercuria, the Luck Goddess Titles Lady Luck, Clover of Creation, Fickle Fortune, Serendipity‚Äôs Smile Home Aventyr, currently in the Disputed Territories Alignment Chaotic Neutral (deity), CN, CG, N (clergy) Portfolio Luck, games of chance, freedom, balance through chaos Worshippers Swashbucklers, gamblers, daredevils, adventurers, bards Domain Luck Favored Weapon Luck Blade   History The moment the […]

Baevonian War Camp


An Aventyr Adventures location for characters of any level. General¬†Glatmoor¬†and the¬†Baevonian¬†army have set up a large encampment about 30 miles north of Lake¬†Chonia¬†in preparation for a final assault on the¬†Chonians.¬† The¬†Baevonian¬†force is currently comprised of 500 soldiers, 100 cavalry riding¬†Chonian¬†horses, 20¬†high-ranking¬†Horntusk¬†orcs, 10 high-ranking officials, and General¬†Glatmoor. The general is known as ‚ÄúThe Impounder‚ÄĚ for his […]

Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes


Y‚ÄôQuenar, Pillars of the Planes¬† An¬†Aventyr¬†Adventure for four to six characters of¬†2nd-3rd¬†level¬† Pillars of the Planes is a¬†Chonian¬†nickname for¬†Y‚ÄôQuenar, a planar temple dedicated to the far-reaching pantheon of multiverse deities. This temple was constructed and imbued with planar energies by the ancient¬†Grekians¬†who once lived in the city of¬†Grekia, the current location of Lake¬†Chonia. The¬†Grekians¬†were not […]

Aventyr Adventures, a free blog-series for 5E


AAW Games announces Aventyr Adventures, a free blog-series for 5E on Adventureaweek.com Aventyr Adventures is a new, system-agnostic series (with D&D 5e compatible content) designed for both players and GMs. These blog entries are 100% free to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content. Explore Aventyr Adventures and discover an exciting world where nature […]

Lake Chonia and the Grekian Ruins & Former Chonia: Rocky Badlands and Scrub Plains


An adventure location based in the Aventyr campaign setting but usable in any game system or setting. Lake¬†Chonia, in¬†Aventyr, was once the site of a¬†Grekia, a thriving, desert metropolis populated by great artisans and architects, poets and linguists, mages and sages, mathematicians and theologians.¬†¬† One day, a great rain came to the desert, a rain […]

AAW Games / TPK3D partner to create animated maps


AAW Games announces a partnership with animated map creator TPK3D AAW Games is pleased to announce a partnership with TPK3D.com, creator of animated maps, cutscenes, and VR content. Those frequenting the new Aventyr Adventures blog-series on Adventureaweek.com will enjoy top-down maps and static scenes created by TPK3D. Animated versions of these maps and scenes are […]

Wayward Inn

Chonia and Baevonia

An adventure location based in the Aventyr campaign setting but usable in any setting or system. The Wayward Inn is a place that plays host to complicated characters, indulges rumors of enigmatic enemies and tantalizing treasure, and keeps a few hidden secrets of its own which might be of interest to anyone choosing to stay […]

From the Scrollshelves of the Sage

alms box trap

Welcome, friends,¬†to my¬† library. Once just my workplace,¬†it’s now my greatest treasure. To introduce myself, I am Acanthus, this region’s¬†foremost sage. The Past Over the years since King Tokolvor expanded the Klavek kingdom, I’ve helped adventurers, merchants, and travelers alike¬†gather vital information. Whether¬†about where they’re going, who and what they’ll encounter,¬†or how to deal with […]