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Mini-Dungeon Tome 2 on Kickstarter Now!

Mini-Dungeon Tome II contains a wealth of one-shots and side quests for 5th Edition. It is the standalone sequel to the best-selling Mini-Dungeon Tome published by AAW Games in 2018, and continues the collection with over 100 new mini-dungeons. Continue reading Mini-Dungeon Tome 2 on Kickstarter Now!

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War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja


A likely place to seek shelter from dust storms common in the foothills of the Savathar Mountains, Wo’Mataja was once a Chonian settlement, now in ruins, that west-bound travelers on the Lymph Road could stumble across instead of arriving at Isav’s Gate. Only if they take the time to explore the ruins can anyone learn why Wo’Mataja is no more. Continue reading War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja

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Shipboard Adventures

Adventuring at sea can be simple or more complicated, depending on what you enjoy in your game. If you want to move the party easily from one area to another, you can have a professional crew in a stalwart vessel do the heavy lifting. You can also hire that cantankerous, one-eyed salt with the questionable dinghy to take them up river, all with a little narrative flair, but with little interaction with the environment. Or you can make things riskier by rolling some dice and letting fate take a hand at the tiller.

The current rules in 5e are very light on what happens on and in the water. Below are some optional rules that shouldn’t add too much complexity while still imparting more interest from being surrounded or submerged in water. Continue reading Shipboard Adventures

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Chill Your Adventures by Ron Lundeen

chill adventures rpg

An evocative environment is just as much a part of a compelling adventure as motivated villains and heroic action. This article sets forth several considerations for bringing wintry themes into your Pathfinder Roleyplaying Game and Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Primarily for DMs and GMs, this advice is broken up into four key areas: communicating the environment to players, advantages of winter-themed adventures, on-the-fly rules to support cold-based adventures, and guidance regarding adventure conversion.

Continue reading Chill Your Adventures by Ron Lundeen

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Black Bear Company: Mercenaries of the Vikmordere Valley


When the long war for control of Rybalka was at last won, most of the might of the Klavek military returned home, there to wait and train for the next campaign. When the King put out a call for settlers to the new frontier, many of those same soldiers answered, returning to face the untamed wilderness in the name of the empire. Discharged from their military duty, these soldiers would soon form the Black Bear Company, a mercenary outfit with a storied reputation.

Continue reading Black Bear Company: Mercenaries of the Vikmordere Valley

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Water Domain for 5th Edition

Water takes many forms; so too do the powers granted to clerics of this domain. A cleric devoted to a god with dominion over water can call to hand the force of a rushing river current, summon the relentless, crashing power of the tides, and soothe fresh wounds. Many different deities grant the powers of the water domain to their followers: gods of the sea, gods of the rain and snow, and gods of rivers, lakes, and streams.

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