Aventyr Campaign Setting Map

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Jared Blando the famed cartographer for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition has completed the master map for the Aventyr Campaign Setting which we’re giving out completely free via the interwebs!
Special thanks to Michael Allen for his hard work on this project and of course Joshua Gullion (Rest in Peace), Stephen YeardleyWill MyersCory VickruckLance Kepner, Mike Myler, Brian MønsterMichael McCarthyRory TomaJustin Andrew Mason and everyone who has helped shaped the Aventyr Campaign Setting. I am most grateful for all your creative work on this unique realm and know each of your personalities will shine through in the setting material you have written. Note: Subscribers to Adventureaweek.comhave access to the Aventyr Campaign Setting.


Would you like to see this in print? Post a review here of the PDF version and let us know if you want a photo high quality print version of this map for your game!


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