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5E Mini-Dungeon #190: The Sad Tale of Heidi and Her Two Daughters

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AAW Games Mini-Dungeon for 4–6 Character Levels 13-15


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AAW Games Mini-Dungeon for 4–6 characters levels 13-15

Not all gods serve a grand purpose. Some tend to the worldlier, more common tasks; this is the divine life Grünwald has chosen. Worshipped amongst many worlds he was assisted by six witches who saw to these everyday miracles. As of late, prayers had become less common and his flock dwindled to two, Heidi and Lotte.

Heidi recently assisted a village and brought many prayers to Grünwald, enough for her deity to bless her with offspring, the spark of life growing within her. Soon, two daughters were born: Iris and Viola. Lotte, Heidi’s elder sister, became jealous and disillusioned. Swearing fealty to a rival god, she was granted a curse to bind her family to her will.

Heidi was imprisoned in a hideous iron statue, alive and unable to escape as long as a fire, fueled by the bones of the freshly killed, burns and Lotte is alive. Heidi’s two daughters were transformed into pishacha demons, trapped in beautiful tiger-like forms bound to hunt for these bones and protect their vile aunt. Their once beautiful plane-traveling tower has become a curse to any place it appears in.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

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