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    Underworld Races: Vestraadi

    4.00 out of 5
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    The Underworld in Aventyr is filled with unique races, but the vestraadi are in a world all their own. This brand new player race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is blind, but they see far more than you’d expect! Read on about the Forever Deep, Song Spheres, and so much more!


    In Underworld Races: Vestraadi you’ll find…

      • a brand new aquatic player race totally unique from all others!
      • sonar rules for a new approach to blindness in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!
      • favored class options for PCs of any occupation!
      • new gear—sponged undercoral and underslick!
      • Intuitive Dodge, Preternatural Hearing, Unnatural Appearance and more new feats!
      • new magic items like whim of the Current and the resonating bow!


    • pressure of the Forever Deep and more new spells!


    • the vestraadi argus paragon class for adventurers that yearn to see it all!

  • Colliatur-Screen0

    Underworld Races: Colliatur

    5.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Insidious yet benevolent, the colliatur are denizens of Aventyr born both above and below the surface but made in the Underworld; now they’re ready to become part of your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

    In Underworld Races: Colliatur you’ll find…

    • a brand new player race of transformed humanoids!
    • favored class options for all kinds of PCs!
    • the crystal cannonade gunslinger archetype!
    • new equipment—colliatur shards and colliatur powder!
    • Disposable Parts, Bringer of Light, Nimbus Wielder and more new feats!
    • new magic items like the crystalline implant and merciful shard!
    • alien surge, light of knowledge, crystal expulsion and other new spells!

  • dodelig-screen1

    Underworld Races: Dødelig

    5.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Perhaps the oddest of all the varied races in the Underworld of Aventyr, the capering dødelig traverse the endless caves in constant search for their buried kin—and now they’re ready to join your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!


    In Underworld Races: Dødelig you’ll find…

    • a brand new Small-sized undead player race!
    • favored class options for every kind of PC!
    • new equipment—the chilling bone xylophone and dangerous obsidian bullets!
    • new feats like Sharp Hands, Lasting Vanity, Lucky Find and more!
    • new magic items like the dødelig bone chime and dødelig bone token!
    • historic resemblance, dødeligaton, and more new spells!
    • the day rambler paragon class, great for undead that hate the sunlight!

  • drow-cover

    Underworld Races: Drow

    3.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    The peace between the immortal races that emerged from the Forging of the Dvergr did not last long—find out what originally begat the antagonists of Rise of the Drow in this very book! Bring your Pathfinder game to the next level with our book on the drow—it’s as devious and deadly as its namesake.

    In Underworld Races: Drow you’ll find…

    • new favored class options for PCs of every sort!
    • cunning new equipment like weapon webbing and web shackles!
    • Spider Speaker, Survivor’s Instinct, Vindictive, and more new feats!
    • new magic items like drow soldier tins and underwater!
    • not just some new spells, but the entire drow domain!

  • dweorg-cover-screen1

    Underworld Races: Dweorg

    3.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    Within this tome you’ll find the history of the dweorg, the dwarves of Aventyr! This new take on the classic dwarf brings to the fore the importance of tradition to these dwellers of the Underworld, from the deific Forging of the Dvergr all the way to the world-shaking portents of the nefarious drow of Holoth!

    In Underworld Races: Dweorg you’ll find….
    • new favored class options for every base class!
    • the fearsome Smithkin archetype, for warriors that love the forge as much as a good fight!
    • mundane items like bilosipid spice or the new liavous crystal building material
    • feats for dwarves too tough for a bit of cold or some heat!
    • enchanted wares like the surprising pocket anvil and instant forge!
    • a thorough rendition of classic dwarves to enhance the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

  • Ahool-cover-small

    Underworld Races: Ahool

    4.00 out of 5
    $6.99 $3.99

    The endless caves of subterranean Aventyr echo with the cries of the dying and sometimes, during a brief rest by the soon-to-die, the cacophonous symphony of the ahool. Chief among these true predators of the Underworld are the ironsingers, masters of sonic energy that employ their aural abilities to terrifying effect against their foes, but even their lesser kin (the ahooling) incite fear across Aventyr.

    What do the ahool bring forth from Aventyr?

    • A brand new player race—the ahooling!
    • The fledgling ahool, a monster class (and archetypes!) to stoke the primal fires of these subterranean terrors, evolving them into fully grown ahool!
    • Extensive favored class options for ahooling!
    • New mundane gear!
    • Innovative wondrous items!
    • Never before seen spells!
    • New feats for ahooling to make them true horrors of the Underworld!