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  • Aquatic Deck

    Encounter Cards: Aquatic Deck

    $1.99 $0.99

    Encounter Cards: Aquatic Deck

    The Aquatic Deck of Encounter Cards has 30 different encounters for waterborne adventures including floating debris, sea monsters, troublesome harbor bureaucrats, shipwreck survivors, pirates, and more!

    Each Deck Theme includes:
    (5) Traps
    (5) Hazards
    (5) NPC Encounters
    (10) Monster Encounters (Moderate/Avg. CR5, Advanced/Avg. CR10, Extreme/Avg. CR15)
    (5) Adventure Hooks


    Winter’s Roar: Monster Deck

    $5.99 $4.99

    These cards may accompany and enhance the Winter’s Roar: Vikmordere Bestiary compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and designed for use in Into the Wintery Gale.

    The front of each card features high quality artwork by Mates Laurentiu with a description of the monster and reference page number to the bestiary on the back. There are also player cards with gorgeous artwork on one side and a place for notes on the back so players can record their experiences with these new and alien creatures in preparation for future encounters.

    Set of 60 beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards (126 page PDF)


  • AAW_IWG_Random-Event-Deck_Cover

    Into the Wintery Gale: Random Event Deck

    $6.99 $5.99

    This deck of 30 cards was created based on the collection of overland random events written by Justin Andrew Mason to ensure that any journey through the wintery white would not be without substance. The source inspiration for each event was submitted as an idea by the “Vikmordere Seer” level backers of the Into the Wintery Gale Kickstarter.

  • SW-Chase-Deck-Product-Image

    Snow White: The Chase Deck

    $4.99 $3.99

    Looking for the print deck of cards? Get it here!

    Snow White: The Chase contains all the cards you need to run the city chase and forest chase scenes as they appear in the Snow White mega-adventure. Will the PCs overcome all the obstacles to achieve their objective? That all depends upon the would be heroes’ quick wits and reflexes as they run the gauntlet in this exciting new chase deck mini-game for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

  • IWG Magic Item Cards

    Into the Wintery Gale: Raider’s Haul (Magic Item Deck)

    $6.99 $4.99

    This set of 60 beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards is a companion product to the AAW Games book, Into the Wintery Gale: Raider’s Haul.

    The Raider’s Haul: Magic Item Deck consists of 30 unlabeled Player Cards with space for notes on the back of the cards, and 30 labeled GM Cards with general magic item information located on the back. The set also includes an index card for easy reference between magic item title, card number, and page number in the Into the Wintery Gale: Raider’s Haul book.

  • Deck-of-Miraculous-Luck-intro-pic

    The Deck of Miraculous Luck


    The Deck of Miraculous Luck
    A player reward system by Justin Andrew Mason

    Many of us have seen it: dumb luck—an event that can only be attributed to a miraculous stroke of serendipity that manifests (almost as if by magic) appearing in the right place at the right time. Some call it fate; others call it the work of the gods. Regardless of the label applied to them, these improbable moments do happen and they can have a tremendous effect on those privy to luck’s sweet embrace.

    The Deck of Miraculous Luck consists of 30 cards, each presenting a different lucky effect that simulates those unexpected miraculous moments for player characters. As a meta-mechanic, the deck can also serve as a perfect alternate reward system, providing incentive to players to strive for exceptional endeavors.

    A GM should use the deck sparingly. Many of the effects are quite powerful and if too freely distributed, could run the risk of unbalancing the intended challenge of the game.

    When looking to reward a player for exceptional role-playing, solving a particularly complex puzzle, or completing a difficult quest with their character, the GM may allow that player to draw from the deck, reaping the benefits associated with that card. Every card is designed to be a boon, and there are no inherently negative effects included.


    About the Deck of Miraculous Luck

    This series consists of six different card types including: healing, magic item, spell, mechanic, storyline, and enhancement. There are five of each type in the 30-card deck, and every card has been sized the specifications of standard business cards (2” x 3.5”) to provide an easy method for print and use.

    There are seven “rare” cards, which are removed permanently from the deck once used. All other cards get shuffled back into the deck.

    In addition to detailed text explaining how each card is used, they are individually numbered 1-30 and offer a title, an icon identifying card type, and a use indicator (automatic, triggered, or expend).

    Automatic cards have an effect that happens immediately after the card is drawn. Expendable cards are held by the player who drew them until that player desires to use the card’s effect. Triggered use cards explain a stipulation that must be met before the card’s effect takes place.



    This PDF is arranged to fit pre-perforated printable Avery® Business Card sheets (Compatible Products: 38373, 5881, 8373, 8869, 88220, 88221). However, you can download a compressed ZIP file that contains the individual card graphics and can be arranged to fit other templates if needed.

    Enjoy! If you find The Deck of Miraculous Luck useful and would like to see it expanded with additional series, be sure to leave a review. We are considering releasing a new quarterly series of 30 cards that can be added to the deck if there is call to do so.

  • rotd-encounters-deck

    Rise of the Drow: Underworld Encounter Deck (PDF)

    $7.99 $2.99

    A full color deck of 60 premium double-faced cards for a total of 120 encounters.

    For use with Rise of the Drow but suitable for any underground adventures.


    Even in times of war, life goes on for those that live in the Underworld. As the PCs travel from the surface to Embla, from Embla to the outskirts of Holoth, and then even into the city itself, they will encounter the citizens of this subterranean realm as they go about their business, whether that is a problem with a previously unseen ooze, a deep gnome hermit in the middle of a 100 year retreat or a government-sanctioned assassin returning, injured, from a kill, with an angry mob on her tail.

    This deck of cards is made up of over 120 encounters that can be dropped into Embla, Holoth or any of the caverns and tunnels that run from the surface to the drow city. Prepare for the unexpected, for your players are quite likely to encounter it!