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    Winter’s Roar: Monster Deck

    $5.99 $4.99

    These cards may accompany and enhance the Winter’s Roar: Vikmordere Bestiary compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and designed for use in Into the Wintery Gale.

    The front of each card features high quality artwork by Mates Laurentiu with a description of the monster and reference page number to the bestiary on the back. There are also player cards with gorgeous artwork on one side and a place for notes on the back so players can record their experiences with these new and alien creatures in preparation for future encounters.

    Set of 60 beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards (126 page PDF)



    Winter’s Roar: Vikmordere Bestiary

    5 out of 5
    $15.99 $9.99

    The harsh environment of the Vikmordere Valley breeds an array of unique denizens, beasts, and monsters. Safely traversing the wintery north is dangerous at the best of times, with the inclusion of this book it can be downright deadly. Winters Roar contains over 30 new creatures that can be utilized to flesh out your Nordic-themed adventures.

    Herein you will find complete stat blocks for creatures including many new special abilities, detailed tactics, and additional information relevant to Vikmordere culture and mythology.

    Winter’s Roar includes the following creatures:

    • Lake Aptrgangr

    • Land Aptrgangr

    • Brunnmigi

    • Elderfey

    • Fafnir

    • Fenrir

    • Frost Wisp

    • Frostbite

    • Glacial Bear

    • Høyonde (Half-Giant)

    • Huldufólk

    • Icy Vigil

    • Lindworm

    • Margygur

    • Nibelung (Golem)

    • Overseer

    • Pesta

    • Ratatosk

    • Serpent of the Depths

    • Sleipnir

    • Snow Screecher

    • Stag of the Whitewood

    • Troll, Tundra

    • Vættir

    • Vatndökk

    • Vereri Stalker

    • White Wailer

    • Winter Wrym

    • Winter Wyrmling

    • Wintertide Jabberwock


    Winter’s Roar: Monster Miniatures & Tokens

    $2.99 $1.99

    Beautifully depicted by Romanian artist Mates Laurentiu, these standard-sized miniatures & tokens bring the dangerous monsters of the Vikmordere Bestiary: Winter’s Roar to your tabletop for miniature play.

    This product contains the following:

    • 30 Constructable monster miniatures with bases included
    • 30 Cut-out monster tokens with/without labels
    • 36 Constructable condition hoods for miniatures
    • Cut-out numbered icons for duplicate tokens

  • Aventyr-Bestiary-SCREEN1

    Aventyr Bestiary

    5 out of 5
    $15.99 $12.95

    Looking for the print book? Get it here!

    Over 140 new monsters and templates for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!


    This tome of beautifully illustrated monsters is drawn from scores of adventures and our ENnie Award winning blog. We’ve recruited some of the industry’s top developers to craft new adversaries and carefully handpicked some of the finest beasts from our archives to create this gorgeous, full-color book which will enhance your gaming collection and provide PCs with an array of exciting new encounters for years to come.

    Here’s a small taste of what the Aventyr Bestiary includes:

    • Cover art and new creature by Raven Mimura – The artist who perfected the fearsome eye tyrant for the world’s most popular roleplaying game returns to grace this tome with a gorgeous cover and an entirely new creature developed by Raven in collaboration with Adam Daigle from Paizo.
    • A star-studded group of developers including Wolfgang Baur, Brian Berg, Adam Daigle, Joshua Gullion, Jason Nelson, Jonathan G. Nelson, Will Myers, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Stephen Yeardley.
    • Book Golem and Liberum Golem – If you prefer your golems well-read, these constructs are up your alley–just mind the paper cuts.
    • Chicken Coop – Swallow PCs whole with this madman’s dream of a chicken mixed with a house.
    • Cold Mutated Ogre Spider, Earthen Spider, Sloth Spider – At AAW Games we firmly believe there can never be enough spiders.
    • Exsanguinator the Daemon – Make adventurers really feel the hurt and introduce them to the master of blood.
    • Eye Eater – Give maiming PCs a try and don’t hesitate to rip out an eye or two–it can give them an entirely new perspective on the game!
    • Mosaic Tile Golem, Mushroom Golem, Pumpkin Golem, Totem Golem, Treasure Golem– There’s a reason Paizo is so fond of these…
    • NITNAM – Remember that time the adventurers had to go inside of the giant, flesh-sac alien monster to kill it? You always will.
    • Pubo, Great Pubo, Jinn Wizard, Tyngdekraften – Explosions, antimagic fields, and gravity wells–who could ask for anything more?
    • Skildpadder – If dwarves don’t belong on top of giant subterranean tortoise-bullette creatures, what’s the world coming to?
    • Templates: Dark Scion, Eldritch, Fleshdoll, HEL, Titanic – Because you never really can have enough templates.